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October 11, 2017


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Anyone know the man or the right next to Gene Autry?

Sorry...make that left of Gene.


Smiley Burnett

The "Native American" is Oscar “Iron Eyes” Cody who was not Native American but made a lot of money playing as such in the movies and TV. He was the weeping warrior on the human pollution PSA. He was of Italian heritage.

Does know it all Joel confirm this???

An internet search of the photo indicates it was taken 11/29/81 at the Hollywood Christmas parade. From ( L-R) Iron Eyes Cody, Clayton Moore, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and Pat Buttram who played Mr. Haney on the 60's TV show Green Acres.

Thanks Gent....my first thought was Dizzy Dean but then I thought ....maybe I`m dizzy.

I'm thinking Pat Buttram who was Autry's longtime comic sidekick.

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