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November 23, 2017


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It looks quaint and funny to us in this day and age, and we laugh. But who back then would ever have imagined that some day there'd be discarded drug needles all over our streets and parks, vagrants camping and pooping on the sidewalks, dope being bought and sold freely? Yeah, we've really come a long way, haven't we!

I smoked for 40 years but I never could understand people who smoked while eating. Two activities that just don't go together.

5Shes as bad as he.. they smoke n stuff together, let em die together.. smoked off n on since 18, quit cold just over 8 yr ago. And 12 yr clean from drugs mid april coming. Cold, just dumped it.

how disgusting! yet they still produce cigarettes today! even though by now everyone has lost a friend or family member because of this gross habit! I lost my dad at 56! I wish they would ban them!

I was at Autzen Saturday for the Civil Bore game and was thinking during the game that if someone had told me 40 or 50 years ago outdoor stadium smoking would be banned I wouldn't have believed them. It just would not have seemed likely.

curojo, one of the few things that make the world better off today! for years I hated smelling all that smoke everywhere including at Portland beavers games! many people like my parents learned way too late the dangers of smoking! yet I see young kids walking home from high school trying to smoke??? what are they thinking?

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