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November 24, 2017


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Love those old cars! The slope back Chevy Coupe is a perfect candidate for a "low rider! The Buick "Triple Dyna-Flo" coupe is also a perfect example of classic American design! However... We musn't leave out the Dodge Sedan! It comes complete with a "drunk-bump" on the left rear fender!

Gorgeous old cars!! Back then, they werent built from used beer cans, and you could repair them yourself, not 500.00 for someone to look under the hood, and say it needs a new radiator cap. Mom worked this store in the late 40s..

My most enduring memory of the Rose City Fred Meyer is that it was built around 3 sides of a house on 69th, because the property owner would not sell their property.

We kids thought it was really neat to have mom park on the roof and get to ride the escalator down & back up! I remember mom telling us kids to be sure we didn't step on the bottom or top where the step disappeared because we might get our shoelaces caught in it and it would pull us in there and grind us up into little pieces! (She was German.....Just think Hansel and Gretel and you'll understand!)

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