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December 04, 2017


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I don't know what I was listening to in June of 1968, but I don't recognize about half the songs on this survey...including the top ten.

1968 about 3 years after I discovered 91 Kisn! I know them all! sky pilot was epic! so joel you never heard of johnny cash? gary puckett and the union gap??? or the supremes? or the 5th dimension???? I really don't think you are older that me as you claim! lol!

Actually john, I discovered KISN before it changed call letters and it was still KVAN. If you didn't discover KISN until 1963, then you were really slow and socially challenged or really quite young.

What I said was that I didn't recognize about half the songs on the survey. That included "It's Nice to be With You", "Some Things You Never Get Used To", "Here Comes the Judge" or The Magistrates, or "Choo Choo Train."

Are you really sure you want to be such a dweeb? Probably you should stick to whining about the Beavers being long gone and icky soccer.

yes joel I was "quite young" in 1965, but it was the year I first saw the Portland beavers! and the year I also discovered the mighty 91, feel free to go on with your personal attack now! no use ever trying to have a real conversation with you!

Good point John!!

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