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January 09, 2018


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I once called Bob Miller's radio show during the Christmas season 1983 to request the song "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. He promptly bellowed, "She can't sing" and hung up and refused to play this Christmas standard. Arrogance of a radio "personality". It's true she can't sing but so much for playing what is requested.

Liked Bob more on KEX than KPAM

Mark, request lines were a complete scam. The lines were tools used for research by programmers and that's it. Most requests were for current records and they knew the requested records would come up in an hour or less.

I doubt that KEX played the Lennon/Ono record at any rate. I remember when I worked at KWJJ ( a country station, if you didn't know) and we'd get requests for Queen and Bon Jovi.

So, Miller was in all likelihood just miffed at a pointless request. Rather than saying, "We don't play that record." He decided to have a little fun.

She really can't sing. like nails scratching on a blackboard or two cats fighting. I'm sorry Yoko, with all due respect you just can"t!!!

I always have liked DJ's or local TV personalities that are civic-minded and participate in community activities, Dave Saleski and Bob Miller come to mind. Dave has been a Rosarian for years and Bob Miller marched(s) in the Second Time Around Marching Band. They're both very much in the Gent classification.

Used to hear KWJJ often, parent believed in two styles of muxsic.. country and western. Also delivered promos for Walkathons there for March of Dimes.

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