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September 16, 2018


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Think Doug Baker used to host a talk show from here, 1980 or so. Direct competition, at that time, to Dave Collins on KKEY.


Doug Baker never worked out of the KLIQ Oaks Park studio. He had his newspaper office in the Hoyt Hotel and KLIQ had a fishbowl studio in the Hoyt lobby that was originally built just for him.

The inaugural Hoyt Hotel setup was so complicated that an engineer was needed to operate the equipment. But KLIQ Chief Joe Allen was able to eventually compact the entire thing down to a box the size of a lunch pail. As time went on, most of the KLIQ talk hosts originated from the Hoyt.

Dave Collins (not his real name) also briefly did a show on KLIQ but he was terminated because he was extremely difficult to get along with. He had a vastly inflated opinion of his talent. He loved to play the "Do you know who you're talking to" game when he got into disagreements with others...and the disagreements were frequent.

Collins went to KKEY where the talkers did a barter thing where they had to sell the airtime, they got a piece and KKEY got a piece. That's why the KKEY advertisers were all so ff the wall and almost all of the spots were live reads (rambles) done by the talk hosts.

Doug Baker preceded Collins by several years (Baker started on KLIQ about 1965 or 66) and I wouldn't say they ever competed. Collins was a total lightweight compared to Baker.

Great info Joel. I will never forget being with my parents at The Hoyt and seeing Doug in the studio with Peggy Lee hooting it up. He was a great writer in The Journal and terrific on air, a natural.

Wow, what a stunningly beautiful boardwalk!! If only people now had more, or even some, of the gentility of back then....

Dave, I remember when I was in high school my dad took the family to the Barbary Coast. Although the fishbowl was empty (KLIQ was a daytimer and off the air) I had to go over and check it out carefully. I didn't know that in just a few years I'd actually work in that booth.

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