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October 11, 2018


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I just don't understand a president with a paperless desk, even if it is for the sake of pictures. (Especially if it's for the sake of pictures.) Not even a TV Guide to be seen.

We do know that Dotard has people whose only job is to help him with operating his phone. So, you can probably figure that they just download the TV Guide for him.

But, at least he's pretending to work in the picture where he is on the phone wearing his Magat hat.

You idiots lefty's do realize that the President has a working office just off the Oval... Your desperation is entertaining though....

Yes, the presidunce is supposed to have a working office, however, it is unused.

Nice new screen name FkedUp 45 Fan, at least you're now admitting that you're a moron. What happened, did Dave ban your other stupid screen name?

I would imagine, on that 'working desk' you'd find maybe an Etch-a-sketch, a magic 8-ball, and a few assorted picture books to occupy Trumpty-Dumpty while Steven Miller, Genl.Kelly, Jared and Ivanka, Kelly Anne and so on, are in another room setting 'his' agenda on policies and writing those stirring speeches for his Trump youth rallies.

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