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March 30, 2009


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Interesting that a comedy show was the only media outlet to call bullshit on Jim Cramer's antics on CNBC. Real journalism is turning up in some non-traditional places and in many cases being presented by amateurs.

Do check pdxwiseguys.com (They're not amateurs!) The Oregonian and Trib don't get it yet.

For as bad off as newpapers are, television and radio are worse off. Huge debt. The advertising model is totally out of date because of the Internet. Broadcasting commercials to eyeballs and ears that aren't looking for what the message is selling is a waste of money and clients are just beginning to figure it out.

Sure hope every town in America maintains one printed paper as least five days a week. I'm afraid when we're dead so will newspapers be. Very few people under 35 look at them.

Oregonian sure is getting skinny!

And it is not only the newspapers that arre entirely out of date. TV and Radio news shows are out of date also-for I can read or hear about stories on the Internet two to five daysd before they are broadcast to the masses listening to radio or tv.
Example-when the actress from Maude and The Golden Girls: Bea Arthur passed away-I read it on the Internet news just thirty seven minutes after her death was announced on AP.

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