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April 24, 2009


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so when can I got a REAL Yaw's?

Yaw's hold special memories for me. It was our families place to go for all the birthdays and occasions.

Every Sunday night. It was a family get-together at yaw's.

Hi Steve! You actually had something to do with my hire when I became a waitress in 1968!!! I sincerely hope you and your family will consider re-opening Yaw's Top Notch Restaurant in the NEAR future. My favorites of course was your cheese burger smothered in relish and dill pickles. I can remember how it tasted. Then your egg salad with your own Thousand Island Dressing. I also am quite fond of the apple pie with cheddar cheese and topped off with lots of RUM sauce. It doesn't get any better Steve! I would appreciate it if anyone can give me the address of a restaurant that is open right now...........I will be on my way! Gena

A life-long, now 66 yr old, Yaws fan. My favorite was their hot ham dinner sandwich, with fries and gravy over the whole works. During my "growing" years, would always get that and then get a cheeseburger for dessert!!!

Is there anyone out there who can tell me how to re-create their gravy?

I actually worked at both Yaws. The one in Hollywood and the later one in the Lloyd Center. Anyone remember that one? It was where the Barnes and Knobles is now. Or is it a Borders? Anyway, the burgers were good I have to admit even though I am a vegetarian now.

Once they moved to Lloyd Center the magic was lost but of course people still came because of the name. I was working at the Hollywood store the day that Mt. St. Helens blew in 1980 and I remember going outside after getting the news but of course I could not see anything.

While looking up the history of a Pendleton blanket I purchased at an antique shop in Toledo, Ohio, I came upon this post. I bought the blanket because it has a emblem of the "City of Roses"and Mt. Hood-where our son lives. But, on the emblem are the names Georgia Yaw and and Page Yaw. Can you give me the story of these people?


My dad (W. Page Yaw Jr.) had about 200 of them made up to give out to the employees and the board of directors of the National Restaurant Association. He did this as his term as President of the Association ran out. At that time the restaurant industry was the 2nd largest employer in the USA. He then was hired by Richard Nixon (president at that time) to check out and judge for the Hennesy Awards all the food service operations in the Air Force and Navy. He checked out every base, aircraft carrier and even the food service in VietNam. Boy wouldn't he be suprised now with Iran, Iraq, Afganestan, etc., he was in all those countries as well.....except for Viet Nam, the rest were a pleasent part of his travels. He passed away the following year.
I hope this helps.
Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Steve, I live in Roseburg, Oregon and I am the neice of Emma Lee and Milford Mickle......I think your parents knew them. Anyway, I wrote an earlier message to you and I sincerely hope you and your family are doing well. After working for you in 1968 and school I became the advertising manager for Rite Aid, the bon Marche( Now Macy's West) and I am now full time artist and retired. Life it good!

Is there a hamburger out there anywhere that even comes close to Yaws Cheeseburger with relish and dill pickles..............It wouldn't take me long to get there! LOL!


Hi Steve. Hey ... I wrote, last October .. with a question about your historic gravy. I'm 67, retired, no desire to go into competition with ya ... even knew Tootsie Roll Bob (I come from a Portland Police Family .. and have a cute story about him, if ya would like). But, before I die, and go up or down, I would love to be able to recreate Yaw's gravy, for my children, and my grand-children and ... ok, ok .. for ME? Can ya help me? Ken

Hey Steve,
Remember me...
I drank all your beer in heppener, and lost a good friend all in one weekend. I don't think I will ever forgive myself for that.

Best Wishes...


Here's a Facebook group I started as a tribute to Yaw's: Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/group.php?gid=141680119184686&ref=ts

Hi, Steve -

I hope your market research convinces you that the time is right to bring the real Yaw's back to Portland. There is too much history and innovation, to say nothing of memories of the flavors, to allow Yaw's to remain merely the stuff of Portland lore.

All the best,
iain mclennon

Leaving a car outside of the garage means it could possibly be broken into.

Yaw's is planning to make a comeback to the Portland metro area. For more details and information, check out the Yaw's Top Notch Fanpage on Facebook at:


hey steve my favorite memory was Yaws 50th anavery when you your dad and grandma was at the register at the same time, to me that was a fun day

Steve, It's Gena again in Roseburg. Remember me? I was one of your waitresses inside. Anyway, if you do make a comeback please do the egg salad (shredded lettuce), apple pie with cheddar cheese and rum sauce and the incredible hamburger with all the works! Here it is 43 years later and I am still craving the burger! Oh yeah...........and don't forget the custard pie! It was tops!

I had bought a blanket because it contains the slogan City of Roses and Mt. Hood where our son. However, on the emblem are the names of Georgia Yao and Oelsafhp.

Regarding Yaw's Restaurant....Steve lies....He ran it into the ground and people are still suffering from his actions in 1982,and some living in poverty and on welfare....

I'm super excited about Yaw's returning and enjoy reading these comments of so many folks who remember and have fond memories of one of "Stumptown's Most Beloved Restaurants" YAY!!!
I am so looking forward to creating NEW memories with my family and especially introducing my grandchildren to the Yaw's experience as it was a pleasant and memorable part of my childhood growing up in Portland!

Anyone have the gravy recipe for the hot beef dinner sandwich? There was something unique about it I have ever been able to duplicate it. Mom and DD used to take us there in 1960. A fun dinner out!

Yaws has a grand opening Augist 15! It's new location is on Halsey, just around th corner from my house! Awesome!!!

I hope your market research convinces you that the time is right to bring the real Yaw's back to Portland. There is too much history and innovation, to say nothing of memories of the flavors, to allow Yaw's to remain merely the stuff of Portland lore.

While I respect your efforts to glorify YAWs as P town's most beloved restaurant, If you took a poll, you would get at least a dozen different answers (not 100's, because there were not more that were considered Sacred in this village)You would see Rose's when it was on 23rd, Henry Thiele's, the Bohemian,the Ringside,the Hill Villa, the Prime Rib,Jake's, Dan & Louie's, Henry Fords and maybe a few more. Yaws has an interesting history and I wish them success with the new location. Been by there many times since they opened and looks like they are doing very well. sometime will stop and have a burger.

As usual Urban Gent doesn't have a clue....

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