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May 29, 2009


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its the end of a great era. i can't stand conan sorry its OVER!!!!

Yes. The guy is painful to watch, thinking he is in Johnnys seat,

Let me echo the same for the above, I'm near 63 now, the pure Americana of Johnny, has not been surpassed,never will be beat by anyone.

Jay has the purity of being who he is,and as he said tonight, proud that after 17 years, his wife, the people he worked with have pretty much not changed....wish more of us could feel that good feeling.

It is a hard act to follow.. I wish Conan well, but as a big "Heres Johnnny" fan, Leno came a close 2nd...(He has gotten better over the years - My only tune out was has Bush jokes..they got old..)

Glad to see Leno on at 10pm in the fall...(Maybe I'll watch it live rather then Hulu.com)

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