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June 05, 2009


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This was your best post to date.

I never knew that about Sweet Lovable Ol' Barn! Cool!

How about this one. United-Western and others had retail ticket offices all over town. Remember taking a number and waiting for a clerk?

This is your best historic post yet! Great pictures. Those were the days....

I remember the mail level (photo) and the parking right in front. I agree, this blog brought back special moments when family and friends arrived and said goodbye. Today we are all treated like criminals in our own airport.

TWA were the big boys for a long trip, and kids loved that airline because it was the Beatles choice for travel. Great times...Wonderful Memories.

As you might know, my love of flying goes back to the time of the DC-3, the wonderful workhorse of an airplane that is still being flown now for nearly 65 years.

As a kid in Medford, Oregon, I knew then I wanted to fly, what really pushed it, was a trip from Medford, up to Roseburg, My aunt paid for a ticket an I asked..."can I see the cockpit?"

The ticket agent was only to happy to say "YES!"

The door to cockpit was open ,and the co-pilot came back and escorted me in.

The captain was "William Appel" ...He was everything I wanted to be, he had eyes that were clearly focused on the airplane, all business, and yet still answered my questions.

The airline was "WEST COAST AIRLINES"...I was barely 8 years old, that was 1954,it seems like yesterday,and I did learn to fly, and Captain Appel..I can still see his hands on the throttles, adjusting them, and how blue the sky was...GREAT MEMORIES!

Mr. Stump: You are a valued friend...THANK'S FOR BEING HERE.

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