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June 30, 2009


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N789ME IS Warren Buffet's Mid-America Energy. He owns the former PP&L based in Portland.


Two "TRI-STARS" these things can go from here to most anywhere..unrefueld.

Something is going down here.

DOESN'T the F-18's fuel card work at the airbase on the other side of the place?

One is owned by Wells Fargo. Your not too far off Stumpman.

He might be here to move corp Hq's of PPL out of Oregon to avoid the tax hike? How many key taxpayers will he take with him also?

Yes that Falcon 50 is MAE's plane. All the net jet fractional airframe's registrations ends with QS in the tail number.

The two Tri-motored jets are Falcon 50's they are more known for their good short field performance than their range. Their larger three engined cousins the Falcon900 and the 7x, built also by the French manufacturer Dassault posess truly intercontinental range.

Most transient military traffic go to Flightcraft. The Guard ramp doesnt take kindly to unannounced visitors. This is true for many smaller airbases as they dont have the man power for full on servicing for all military visitors. Further, by going to Flightcraft they aircrews get godlike service and all the perks of using a VIP Fixed Base Operator. Plus what do they care if Uncle Sam shells out $6 a gallon for JP8! On a Super Hornet that equals about $15,000 or a fillup.

Also this jet is a very unique machine. It is acutally a EA-18G "Growler" a highly modified Super Hornet optomized for Electronic Attack and jamming. They are brand new and will replace the EA-6B in this role.

Also the General Aviation ramp does get pretty busy at times. It doenst really mean they are all here for the same thing, it just happens. I have seen it pretty packed over there. As of late its been EMPTY.

What is the most expensive private jet cost?

Upward of $50,000,000 for a g550 or Globalexpress. Hundreds of millions for new airliner conversions.

Plus what do they care if Uncle Sam shells out $6 a gallon for JP8! On a Super Hornet that equals about $15,000 or a fillup.

Hey, I'm as big a plane buff as anyone you will meet, but if I cut back..so does the guy paying the fuel bill, that is still me, and the jet should always fuel where its cheapest, like the other side of the airport.

I also know, each service has different needs for aircraft specs...but JP8 works for the f-15's...it WILL work on the F-18.

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