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June 30, 2009


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Somewhat familiar, but really do not remember.

was on local TV and caught in a sting/whores. He did sports on KPTV or KATU...Can't recall. Scumbag.


I would get a kick out of his "participatory journalism" where he would, for instance, drive a go-kart before interviewing a go-kart racer. I do recall him getting suspended for using "jewed" as a synonym for "cheated".

How about when he beat up or shot the news manager at the TV station. This man was T.R.O.U.B.L.E

Yes, I remember Rod in the early '70s I believe he was Sports at channel 2--- I think he was there at the same time as another famous media type - Bill O'Riley... Fox Favorite...

He was in trouble with several prostitute types -

He might of changefd careers here-- perhaps wrestling...

I don't remember him at all -- Does anyone have footage? or did the station incinerate anything with him on it?

OK I just dug up footage of him on KUSI San Diego. Painful to watch. He looks and sounds intoxicated. Creepy. How does someone like this stay on the air? I couldn't finish the clip.

I saw the same footage, where he did a feature with the San Diego crime lab.
So, was the Johnny Fever character on WKRP based on him?...

He doesn't seem to have much Luck.

Rod was in a local dive with the director of K=2's 11 pm News..
His name is Doug Crombie...Doug didn't duck when the pimp aimed the gun at Rod...and Doug took the bullet...
There are more...and more lurid stories...but..that was a long time ago...

I was a newspaper reporter looking to get into televison and Rod provided an opportunity. He needed film of various sport activities on Saturdays for a segment called "Portland Sports Today." He was gone before Bill O'Reily arrived. I especially remember one Saturday after his run-in with the guy in the bar, and Rod had his right arm in a cast and couldn't type the sports script, so I typed while he dictated. He recovered, then apparently got caught in some kind of prostitute sting the police had set up. The station decided they had enough and let him go. Later, his attorney was able to make a case that he was entrapped. BK

I dated him. ONCE.

I remember him as the sports guy in the mid 80's at WDBO in Orlando, FL. He was doing a standup with Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth and gave Miss Elizabeth a bouquet of flowers. Savage took the flowers & beat Luck over the head with them.

I remember him ignoring his kids and beating his first wife - lovely man.

I remember when he covered the Santana High School shooting. How sensitive he was when he asked people running out of the school after being terrorized "if they saw any dead bodies?" Alcoholism aside, he sucked. The man took big gulps from the fountain of stupid.

I Remember When I was in Eleventh Grade at Madison High school.
I was in a Resource Geomontery Class and Our Class Took a Trip to Goodwill Industries - I was Hiding from Him !! and He Came Up and Got right in My Face and personal space... What an asshole and Jerk !! He Got what he Desrved !!

The internet is a scary, scary place filled with all sorts of lurid, terrifying things.

your site is very great!!!

I did a segment on "Cooking with Rod" on KUSI. Rod was a complete gentlemen and lots of fun to work with.

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