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June 04, 2009


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Really makes you wonder.

“It looks like we’re getting past the scandal and seeing what he’ll do to help the city succeed,” Petchel said. “It’s challenging being the mayor or any politician with the controversy and the political challenges, but it’s good to hear there are plans in place so that we’ll come out of this a much better city.”

What planet??? My GOD...is this town just insane, why do 300 people show up to listen to him...maybe they better listen to people who may bank with them.

Better yet...does Sam, bank there?

Never heard of his bank. Would never deposit a dime. Thanks for exposing this news on this punk.

maybe sam owes his bank a boatload of money? if our mayor loses his jobs hows he gonna pay his bills?

my shock is that 300 "leaders" showed up to listen to him. won't be renewing my subs to that rag.

Obviously this person is completely out of touch with what has been happening in Portland for the last 6 months --- Either that or perhaps he is a one of Sam's relatives.

This is one Bank I'll stay clear of too.... If he is that oblivious to what is going on in Portland who knows what kind of loans the bank makes!

A foolish statement to make. Believe me this guy is either gay and feels like the town is picking on the sex offender, or not gay and stands to make out like a bandit with the city doing something for his bank, or he is a stupid ass. One of the 3. You pick.

Since the day my recall failed to drop Vera Katz,off the “good ship Portland”,I have been called everything under the sun for my views on an issue where some unsupervised criminally insane nuts, can walk past your kids grade school, and you, and they, and the teachers at the school…and the cops, haven’t a clue they are there.

I predicted the sinking of this ship,and this “rape” of this city in more ways then one would happen…AND IT HAS!

Randy maybe the worst…a retired “first responder”…a clueless environmental engineer, a nut case, who looked after nuts for 26 yrs(don’t believe me, just ask her), Mr.Fish, he finally got elected(had to uphold the family tradition)…also clueless ,and then…there is Sam Adams..some of us that are not offended by prayer…PRAY…he is recalled.

That is the only chance, commonsense people have…is to see him unemployed as a bunch of us are.

There always is the old “KARMA” deal, I have no idea when the circle is round and full, but we cannot accept that shoving things down peoples throat as this whole deal, and most that has transpired for a couple of years now can continue much longer.

So…delete this post if you feel it’s not worthy…but I know, one thing…call me what you wish on the issue of nuts far worse then advertised next to schools, but on that..there is no way you can call me wrong, or the city has been raped, and it is so far un-punished…A RECALL would be a good get even tool.

unlike other blog sites, nothing gets deleted from Stump readers.


If it's not the party line on OLD JB'S deal, it's off the page...GOD BLESS FREE SPEECH....so far.

Passion for whatever side is great, but reality is a b-word..WE CANNOT AFFORD “TOYS” AT THE POINT OF A GUN, AND A DEEP RECESSION/NEAR DEPRESSION(ALL CAPS FOR A DAMN REASON), so why don’t all of you suck it up, and wait until unemployment in Oregon is way under double-digit.

Recall Sam, think about doing RANDY as well,get this city back on track, leave Lents Park alone.

And even if your offended by my asking you to pray that this country will not totally fail after 200 plus years..I suggest you at least think about my request.

request granted Jack...After seeing GM screw neighborhood dealers, the stock holders losing their shirt & sox, the union thugs getting 20% plus & the govt calling the shots. WE NEED TO PRAY.

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