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July 30, 2009


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Hey Stoner,

Don't forget Brian's older brother Michael (Mike) who kept things going through the lean years in the eighties.


The lounge lizard that played his one man band schtick in the lobby with the red velvet walls & shag carpet. God damn I miss this place.

Had my wedding reception at Fords in 77. Is Jan the waiter still around. Brian should look him up. Henry was quite the host. He taught his boys well.

The best. It was "our place" to everyone. Portland needs that again, anti trendy, meat, potatoes, martini goodnes.

Good luck Brian I will book a huge table opening night.


Saw Bud Meadows smashed in that joint. They had to carry Bud out the door. I will be there on opening night as well. Make sure you have the lights down low & Frank playing on the speakers.


That is so funny you mention Fords. I was driving down Barbur Blvd and was thinking about HF. My mother and father tooks us there many times crowing up.

Fords was a zone for me & the family. We just loved the joint. It was the last of the real hideaways in this town. These slick restaurants that have opened in the pearl? You can have them. Give me Fords any day with Brian greeting every customer young & old..and old school service...great dinners. Can't wait if this comes to life.

Will be there often. Among the classics.

My Mom & Dad's favorite restaurant to go for their special occasions. It was FORDS-HILLVILLA and JERRY GABLES.

The water fountain out front with the foam bubbles. Ya gotta keep that tradition. Of course there are probably permits and endless red tape to get that done now.

Everytime I motor down Barbur and pass the cut off to Fords, It's a memory rush. All good. Remember the parking lot kids? Just like Kookie Burns in 77 Sunset Strip.

Ford's was such a cool restaurant. A movie could of been there displaying what it was like in the 50's.

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