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October 31, 2009


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Dear Mr STUMP"

WTF,do you expect from the "fishwrapper" their "annoited" one, shipped all that money to them, and it still failed.

OMG..could they admit he wasn't the "ONE" after that failure, you damn right Monday on "WALL SREET" is going to be bloody.

Look at that guy, who would loan a dude that looks like that used car salesman?

Actually, I have looked at all major "news" sources, such as Fox, Cnn and on and on and none of them mention this. Also looked at all the major newspaper sites....nothing.

Before we blow a gasket about this, lets remember that many banks, Goldman Sachs included (Which will be having a closer relationship with CIT Group) were forced to take stimulus money. Goldman Sachs really didn’t need it because they weren’t stupid enough to poison their holdings with toxic assets like all of the other poor dumb suckers who figured the government would bail them out but weren’t counting on having a president that is playing a shell game with regulatory policy. Thankfully, Those with real money are holding on to it. This, coupled with a presidential administrations lack of willingness and ability to understand commerce will help keep the economy in the toilet and foster the voters negative perception of democrat administration that democrats deserve and have worked so hard to heap on themselves for the last eight and a half years.
If you want to make a difference, start harassing your politicians to repeal The Peanut Farmers Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 that forced banks to loan money to people who could not pay it back. Goldman Sachs, the bank everyone loves to hate, runs a tight ship. It is business, not charity.
Think about how we are supposed to believe all of the actuarial date surrounding climate change that doesn’t usually include the warming of the sun because that can’t be blamed on Obamas scapegoat. We are supposed to swallow all that information without a hiccup, right? So why aren’t we supposed to more closely look at a persons' work and credit history as well as advocating a healthier debt to income ratio?
The politicization of mortgages has been part of the attempt at legislating egalitarianism and the redistribution of wealth. Basic shelter may be a right but home ownership is not. More to the point, even deed holders are subject to the maintenance, accidents, insurance and taxation that go with home ownership, to say nothing of those pesky neighbors and those God awful neighborhood associations and community organizers.
What kind of policy is it that allows people to be set up for failure when the rug of the American Dream is pulled out from under them by design? When people are foreclosed on, often times the bank walks away with a persons' equity. Doesn’t the left hate corporate America? Shouldn’t the left help people from getting in over their heads in the first place?

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