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November 01, 2009


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Many parties there over the years. Sad to see the Queen in such a mess.

What a shame to she her so deteriorated...

And there my wife and I enjoyed the best Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding ever.

Could it return?

I always wondered what happened to The River Queen. Many dinners there and just so much fun and love for this old girl. Why can't the city or some businesses put up the dough to get her back into shape. To let her deteriote as they did, is a shame. River Queen Gal, you have always been an important part of Portland. I miss you!

I grew up with this old gal! I took my prom date there in the 60's where the waiter tripped on a rug and spilled a tray full of drinks on me and my tux. At this time it was secured by the Sellwood bridge.They gave me our dinners free so it all worked out! During the 80's when it was docked at NW front I booked yearly customer appreciation dinner dances for the company I managed. I took my wife and kids there for Friday and Saturday lunches and dinners often as we all loved there Halibut Fish and Chips. It would be great to see this old gal opened again as a resurgance of the River Queen restaurant. If nothing else I hope it stays here for the people of Portland, Vancouver! Memories are the essense of a life lived! Thank you River Queen!! Steve

I remember riding the RQ several times during the Oregon Centennial from the downtown seawall to the Expo Center.

Its really tragic that this old ferry has been allowed to deteriorate so badly. It would take a small fortune to do a proper restoration.

the boat seems very old that it would be down anytimes. whooh scary.

I washed dishes on the river queen in 1974 for some time, and I remember the staff was very nasty to me. The owner bought me a drink in the bar, and that was the best thing about my stay there.

Yo, Mike C.
i think my brother cooked there about that time. his name was Casey....

When I worked there, the head cook (nightshift) was a big black guy who was always hitting on the female servers. He turned up missing and reports were that he didn't pick up his check! I knew a "Casey" from around the Grant High School area. He might have helped me get that job.

My dad and walter nutting bought this boat to portalnd it was my first job at 15 when my unckle bill pierce and bill roylance owend it. it hurts my heart to see this grand lady in such disrepair. i love this boat and have so much history with her. it breaks my heartto see her this way. Long live the QUEEN

my days of the river queen were from my old yachting days,moored at the anchorage marina my freinds and i made many a trip to the restaurant and bar.in may of 1975 i had a party of four on board my boat and we tied up to the queen. with a few to many drinks and one of my passengers great ideas was to take the ships wheel from the restaurant as a mascott for our yacht club. needless to say we were stopped by the harbor patrol. my friend said not to worry i am a personal friend of harold nutting and he will clear this all up.the harbor patrol said that was fine and dandy but bill roylance is the owner now. ooooooops. my ammends to this matter was to wash dishes for one week,meal included.bill roylance and i became friends from there on and many years after. posted by chris anderson

word has it she is about to be seized as a derelict by the Coast Guard as she is in danger of sinking and there is fuel oil in her bunkers yet... not to mention the asbestos covering her engine room pipes...

I met my husband in August 1963 and we went to see Peter Paul and Mary and afterwards we went to dinner on the River Queen it was a night to remember - we since have been married 47 years and I always wanted to know what happened to the River Queen-the last I heard it was made into condos -but reading this I was surprised it was not. If I had the money I would fix it up and make it a restaurant again. We live in Edmonds WA.
Thanks River Queen for the memories
Bonnie and Allan O'Brien

I came to Portland in 1974 for work at WISCO shipyard just down river from the River Queen. The River Queen became my second home for many years after. I have great memories of the River Queen staff and regular customers. (However, some of my memories are a little clouded...?) Bill Roylance always welcomed the marine industry crowd with open arms; maybe because we all had a "hollow leg." THe Port Engineer's annual Thanksgiving Day "Turkey Shoot" was held on the lower deck for many years. The River Queen is a big part of Portland's waterfront history. I hope it can be saved in some form or another.

I was also a dishwasher there from 75 to 77 Casey was an awesome guy I remember the staff well I even had a girlfriend that was a waitress Ellen was her name.I remember Joleen another waiterss and the head chef was a great guy.I remember Kurt Russel came back into the kitchen and said hi to me( I was his batboy for the Bend Rainbows)and I also remember the Trailblazers giving us tickets to the games all the time.I had a great time and Roylances always treated me great.I'm a chef now and wish it was open I would love to give back to them.Oh yaen I remember Casey chasing giant river rats out of the break room with knives.Ahh the memories

If ever there were NICEST PEOPLE in the world it would have to be KURT & BING RUSSEL

I have a 1962 River Queen dinner menu and would like to pass it on to someone who will appreciate it. Any interest?

The River Queen (Shasta) is truly a NW treasure. Would be great to see her in her former glory.

Oh please send!
Stumptown Blogger
Po box 1652
Lake Oswego Or

I am the current owner of both the Queen and the property. If anyone has questions feel free to contact me. I will be happy to answer them. All I ask is that the ship is a dangerous place currently. Please do not board without contacting me first. I can be reached at (707) 695-6297 or via email at [email protected]

I am at the site most days and nights keeping thugs off the boat.

I am also selling items from the ship to help offset the cost of the repairs. If there is something you want and would like to buy it please let me know. Any money is 100% used for the ship.

Hi Clay! So...What kinda engines on her? I'm thinkin' probably Diesel? If they were steam, I'd like to look around on her! I'm an avid steam propulsion nut! If they're diseasel(as I like to call it) Well, dime a dozen!

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