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January 31, 2010


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Without a doubt, the greatest President of the 20th century. Opened relations to China and Russia, started peace process in the middle east, started the EPA, ended the wasr Kennedy started in Vietnam, and on and on. He was creative and strong. He was a man of tremendous capacity and brilliance. His only mistake was being too loyal to his men who screwed up at Watergate. If he had thrown them to the wolves he would have gone down in history as an equal to FDR. As it was, he was still a phenomenal man and perhaps the greatest President of our lifetime. The worls sleeps easier because of his deeds when he was President. God Bless You Richard Nixon.

wow, what? i must be in the twilite zone

God bless the California wino!!

Chuckie is the same nut that was dissing the Ringside in another post. What do ya expect from a whack job?

Oh I'm sorry for posting such a controversial comment. I guess it was some other President that ended the war in Vietnam, opened relations with China and the USSR, initiated the peace process in the Middle East. He accomplished more in 5 and a half years than any other President in the 20th century other than FDR. Deal with it.

He's still "Tricky Dick" to me!

"I'm not a crook" -Richard Nixon...ummmm, yes you were!

Richard Nixon (a great President?) Last time I looked, Richard Nixon gave up the ship when he knew damn well he was going to P R I S O N !!! Chuckie do you post those comments for laughs or did you sniff too much Elmers Glue in the 60's?

Was better then what we have now!

Nixon was an insecure, petty, paranoid, racist, bigot, drunken, sleazy crook. No matter what positive things he did, he still disgraced the country and tainted Washington permanently.

Have you ever noticed that he was always ill at ease in picture after picture-even his manner of dress-i.e., who wears formal business slacks to relax on the beach. Who does this? Why, Tricky Dick, of course.

"ended the wasr (sic) Kennedy started in Vietnam"

Yeah 2/3 of those who died for the U.S. died while he was Prez, he escalated bombing, inc the war in Cambodia, and when we left we got the same deal we sould have received if we had never gone in.

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