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January 31, 2010


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Bridgeport village is the most poorly planned shopping center in Oregon. I get a kick out of these moron city planners that demand developments like bridgeport where you have to walk forever inbetween stores and down sidewalks to find the store you want. Hey A-HOLES, it rains in Oregon about 9 months out of the year. Its a nice concept but we dont want to walk in the rain

yeah..and Oregon City is going to get one just like Bridgeport.

And yet, try and find a parking spot. So someone must be doing okay there. (i know, movies).

The restaurants and the theater appear busy whenever I am in there. I have never failed to get a front spot at McCormacks because of the restaurant-only spots there. The bookstore is also quite busy, but I'm not sure how many people are actually buying. Same with Crate and Barrel. Lots of browsers, but I don't see much being carried out of the store.

Any support to the idea that the mall is "on life support" beyond Dave's own observations? A quick Google News search doesn't come up with anything...

Bridgeport is certainly experiencing some turnover but seems to be doing better than, say, Lloyd Center in the empty-storefront department.

There is going to be a huge fall out of small speciality stores. The traffic is all going to food & movies, not buyers. The big furniture store is next to go. All of the speciality stores which makes up 70% of the square footage is under water in that center.

Again, documented fact or unfounded opinion?

I don't doubt that you're right to some extent - I haven't (and won't) set foot in most of those stores, and IMO many of them sell overpriced crap.

The only BP store that I have firsthand knowledge of is C&B, which (while having made some cutbacks) is doing fine. Is that the "big furniture store" you refer to?

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