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February 26, 2010


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Wayne is one of the nicest guys I ever met. I scored an interview with him in 1973/4 between shows at the hotel he was playing. I was a young pup at KHOW in Denver and brought along my own monstrous Panasonic cassette recorder to do the interview. We did the entire interview...(blah blah showbiz stuff) and I noticed that I forgot to hit the record button. D'OH! He said no problem at all and we did the entire 5 minute interview all over again - even better than the original. I scored a major coup with my boss and Wayne gave my wife and I front row seats for the midnight show. I know his contract is for millions each year and that he lives large...I hope he hasn't lost his way. Wonderful talented man.

Hey Dave! I actually bumped into Mr. Newton coming off an elevator at Harrah's Reno back in 1975. I wasn't paying attention, said "excuse me," then headed for the slots. My Mom got all excited... "Do you know who that is?" Wayne is from Phoenix and is still highly loved here in the Valley. One of the prices of fame is people trying to "screw" you over and Wayne has been through a lot of other crap as well. He will be cleared, as he should.

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