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February 17, 2010


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Lets not forget that Willy Nelson is a HUGE fan of MARY JANE! That guy LOVES his POT!

That is Willie the western star, Willie?

I read that Willie,the same Willie Nelson country star, was living in Vancouver from 1956 until about 1960. The Air Force brought him to the area.

PDX radio history I did not know. Mr. Stump's amazing hits just keep on comin'.

Geesh, and I thought everyone knew that Willie Nelson was a DJ on KVAN in the pre-KISN days.

Yes, it's the same Willie Nelson. Look at the face. The hair may be a lot shorter but the face is still the face.

...add me to the list of those who never knew this amazing chapter in Portland radio history. No doubt about it...that's Willy! I was at CBS Records in San Francisco one day when they invited Willy in to visit the offices. He had just scored with his first HUGE hit and he signed a poster for them to hang in the offices.


If I had only known of his days at KVAN, I could have opened up a great conversation with him. As it was, I just stood in awe of a man who traded some of country's biggest hits for free beers in Texas.

I didn't know about Willie at KVAN until I read (and studied) Phil Stanford's 91-derful Tribute Page. Waylon Jennings also spun records in Lubbock, Texas, pre-Buddy Holly and his own superstardom.

So what kind of money could a DJ in
the late 50's expect to make doing a
one hour a day show in Vancouver, WA?

I don't know but I don't think I made much more as a PD/DJ in Mt. Shasta City, CA. You'll never get rich as a disc jockey... or as a school teacher!

That's a fact John! You'll never get rich as a DJ with a station in a small market! I moved back to Portland in 1972 with that in mind. I ended up making an abrupt career change.

Dave Rees, the owner of KWSD, gave me $450 per month because I had a college degree. By the way, next time any of you bloggers pass through the Mt. Shasta region and pick up KEDY-FM, say thanks to me because I'm the guy that did all that FCC paperwork that got the station on the air in the first place. I also did the paperwork to renew KWSD's license for 1975. By that time I was making a whopping $480 per month!!

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This continues to be a surprise to folks. I work at the Cannon Beach Library now, and someone was wondering whether our patrons would have any interest in the new Keith Richards book. One of the volunteers said, "Well, we bought the Willie Nelson book, and there was a lot of interest in that."
I said, as a joke, "You can't go by that. Keith was never a DJ in the Portland radio market."
They didn't know. I wasn't in Portland then, but as someone said, I thought everyone had heard that story.

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