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March 10, 2010


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As I remember this place had pretty dull and boring food. Bland, staid, all of those words. Probably the only blander food was at the Hill Villa Restaurant up on Terwilliger.

My mom used to shop at the Kienow's right across Burnside from Henry Thiele. On Friday evenings we'd all pile in the family car and drive into Kienow's from Cedar Mill. Kienow's was the closest "supermarket" to Cedar Mill back in those days.

We'd eat at Thiele's or at the Uptown Bohemian, at 20th and Burn. Those were the days. The whole family of four would eat for less than five bucks and my dad would drop a quarter or 35 cents on the table as a tip.

Henry Thiele's had terrific food, and so did Hill Villa. Its the Charthouse that sucks!

When Thiele's closed I did the an interview with Mrs Thiele. I mentioned that my family had eaten there over the years and especially loved the German Pancakes. She gave me one of the original pancake pans as a souvenir.

FYI...Uptown Bohemian was on 22nd near Burnside..right across the street from the Ringside. It later became Johnny's Meatmarket steak house. Its now Elephant's Delicatessen.

Note the Rose City Transit bus on the right. Some fond memories for me!

My dad took me to Thiele's a couple of times. But usually, if we were that close to Rose's, we went to Rose's.

I remember going there a lot in the late 70's and 80's. The ala-carte menu that was two pages single spaced and they had a soda fountain too and the food was just fine.

Our family loved the Hill Villa...but Thiele's? Not good. It needed to go away. Food was bland as stated above,there were far better choices around the city.

Rick.,..But it was Thieles's! Please Rick!!!!!

Thiele's food "band"?? Well, I guess so if you were looking for Moroccan, Mexican or other spicy places. But Henry Thiele's was a family restaurant with a menu unsurpassed by any place in Portland, and (as mentioned above) had an ala carte menu over 2 pages long, and with daily specials.
I used to have coffee and toast there every morning on my way to work. A Filpino fellow named Charlie was the breakfast chef, and LaVon was the morning waitress along with Carolyn.

Then there was the cozy bar in the back room. They served dinner in the bar too. Beverly Innocenti was the server in the bar at that time. Servers Carolyn and Esther are now at the Hotel Deluxe (formerly the Mallory Hotel).

Theiles made their own dill pickles in the basement and in the early days had their own butcher in the basement. Anybody remember the great coffee they made when they used the old Silex siphon pots?

When Margaret Thiele closed the restaurant, she sold and gave away many souvenirs. I have one of the German pancake pins the waitresses wore on their uniforms and I still have a couple of bottles of the Henry's Melange Mixed Seasoning.

I sure miss the old place --lots of memories.

When I was in grade school my mother took me there before it closed. I recall eating some liver dish, can't recall if it was good or not. I do remember how my mom thought it was one of the best restaurants around and apparently she was right!

Mr. Stump,
I am a niece of Mrs. Margaret Thiele. I sometimes browse the interent for my great aunt's restaurant and came across your article. I like to see that people still remember the restaurant and my great aunt. If you still check this posting, then I would like to send you an old original menu as well as a table mat for your writing to remind us of Old Portland. Thanks again!
LOL I still eat the orginal German Pancakes since my grandmother still remembers it. Anyone jealous?

Sign me up Chelsea. I have great memories of going to Thiele's with my grandparents.

[email protected]

To the niece of Mrs Margaret Thiele...I also ate at Henry Thiele's when I was a little girl. But the best part was. My grandma and grandpa used to eat there as often as they could when they were in Portland. They made sure it was their destination while visiting family in Portland. Very fond memories!

Jane Straight

ps.My mom has since passed away and I am so happy to have a couple of items from the restaurant. A cup and saucer and a jar of the Henry's seasoning.

:) Awww memories galore for you all. Since I am very young, I have very few memorie when Uncle August and Aunt Margaret ran the restuarant. I do remember August would plop me up on the bar stool and order me a HUGE german pankcake, extra syrup, extra powder sugar. He would always look so dapper in his custom suits and fancy jewelry. All the people crowded in, the hustle and bustle, the wonderful smells and overall atmosphere makes me remain nostalgic when I think about it.

Jane Straight- Happy to hear you have a few keepsakes as well. I am curious if you use the seasoning. I'm sure that thing is ancient LOL.

Have very fond memories of having all my birthday cakes coming from the Thiele restaurant during the 50s the 60s, The cake was a big roun banana layered cake with a white frosting, My. Uncle was Peter Radmilovich of Plancich Fish comapny and Thiele's fish supplier. We often ate at the restaurant up on Burnside. Our famlies were good friends and I remember playing with Tommy and Freddie Thiele at the house we lived in at 3360 SE Ankeny, Recently,someone asked me what kind of cake I would like for my Birthday, and I remembered Thiele' banana cake, I would love to have the recipe.
Barbara Radmilovich Bramble

My grandparent's took us to Thiele's when we weren't up for a full-on Ringside blowout. It was considered a treat and to my pre-adolescent, unsophisticated palate, it was. My mother loved the Princess Charlotte pudding that was a Thiele signature dessert. I found a recipe for the original on the 'Net and it sounds good, though I found it too rich when I was a kid.

I took my husband to Rose's current incarnation a couple of years ago. He's from Ohio and had missed 'real' deli food that doesn't exist here in Idaho. As he was reading the menu he realized that Rose was Rose Naftalin from Toledo and he'd grown up eating her food before she moved to Portland. Small world!

My father was the chef for the Senior Henry Thiele and after his death, dad worked for the Henry Jr. in the Hollywood restaurant. Our family has great memories of both restaurants, but the original restaurant the staff and regulars were a "family."

My father worked at Henry Thiele's twice- in the 1960's and again right before they closed in the 1980's- Chauncy Coe- I have been searching e-Bay and other places for any mementos to give him for Christmas this year! I just found this blog- my father will be 81 in May! I have great memories of Henry Thiele's as a kid- I even took my grandfather to dinner there in the bar in the late 1980's. My grandfather was over 90 at the time. He told me lots of stories about the old restaurants that used to be in Portland- in fact he had one in the 1920's but lost it in the depression. I remember Margaret- and her wonderful staff- I never knew what to order as there were so many choices- when I was in Portland having surgery the first thing I wanted afterwards was a milk shake from Thiele's- Margaret brought it to me in my car! I was so upset when they tore it down. Dad remembers the pickles in the basement- says he has never found a pickle as good since! Let me know if you have any souvenir that I can buy!! Kim

I am so happy most of you have fond memories of my great-grandfathers restaurant! I love reading article's about this as I never got to visit this one but we share the same name (im Henry Thiele IV) and people are always asking me about it when they learn my name. I wish I could have seen it in its hayday but I guess ill have to settle with knowing the recipes to make the food today, especially the Melange which my pops still makes to this day and keeps me in constant supply!

Sunday nights were our time at "Thieles"...It was landmark and every time I drive by the memories come rushing back. My brother & I started out as babies and we brought our babies and if it was still there, we would be bringing our grandchildren.

Hadn't thought of Henry Thieles in a couple of decades but a conversation with my husband (who visited Portland this week) stirred up some fine memories of dinner with my father in the 1970s. I was pretty sure it was the nicest restaurant in the universe - and flounder amandine the finest dish. Sorry to hear it's not there anymore!

To Jane Straight: My supply of Henry's Melange Seasoning is all gone now. I used the last a couple of weeks ago. After all these years the seasining retained it's original flavor.
Sure wish I could find a couple more jars to purchase from someone.
Anybody remember Chauncy - one of the bartenders?? I went to Sylvan grade school with him.

This post is to John Harrington- yes- Chauncy is my father- he is living here in Boise with me and doing well! I just read dad your post and he remembers you well- said you lived on Canyon Road and would come in to Thiele's- we too would love some Melange Seasoning- we just have an empty jar! I am coming to Portland next weekend- so if anyone has any seasoning for sale please let me know!

This is for Kim Coe (Chauncy's son). Yes, I lived on Canyon Drive. And, did you know I went to the old Sylvan grade school with your dad. I was known as "Larry" in my younger days. I for get what year it was, but when I first saw your dad behind the bar at Thiele's I was very surprised as I hadn't seen him in years. Are you a redhead too?
Thiele's bar was a favorite spot for me as I could have a cocktail and dinner in the lounge.

HI John-

I am Chauncy's daughter but have blond hair. His sister Gloria is still around- 84 years old and moved to Boise a few years ago after living in Bandon, OR. for years. Do you remember her too? Dad remembers you very well when I told him about your posting but insisted that your name was Larry glad you cleared that up. I was just in Portland last weekend as I am starting a new business with a business based there- dad said I should have looked you up. My direct e-mail address is: [email protected] Dad would like to say "hello"!

Henry Thiele's--that name brings back so many memories of old friends and the fun times in Portland. Thiele's was one of those especially fine restaurants where the menu was extensive and the service superb. I especially liked those eye-popping German Pancakes on Sunday mornings and the cozy atmosphere in the great old bar. I will always remember the golden-roasted pheasant on the menu. Wonderful! We were treated as if we were special people every time we dined there, the service staff was so talented.
I drove by the place twice a day on my way to and from work. One morning in the 1980's I had my camera with me and decided to stop, get out and take a picture and caught the little flower bed out front in full bloom. It turned out very nice and is the only photo I have of that grand old establishment. I am so glad I took the time to stop, because soon afterward they tore it down and put in some generic shops. Sad. Before Henry Thiele's was on that spot, it was where the streetcar barn was. So time marches on.

I purchased Henry Thiele's home, built in the '30s, in the mid-nineties and would love to make contact with any family members to discuss it's history..

Loved the German pancakes. Loved the Coffee. Used to go with my refugee grandparents in the 60s' as a kid. And then with high school friends in the '70s.

With Thanksgiving approaching I was prompted to do an Internet search of Henry Thiele's Restaurant & discovered your blog. Henry Thiele senior has been a part of every Thanksgiving my family has celebrated for well over half a century, whether it was in his restaurant or our home.
He & my grandfather were hunting together when Mr Thiele created a stuffing recipe that we use to this day. The key seasoning was the Melange. Unfortunately we used the last of our supply several years ago. We have tried to duplicate but to no avail. Mr Thiele IV, if you are still following this blog, would you consider sharing the recipe? Our entire family would be so grateful!

I loved Thiele's German frikadellen. Shortly after WW2 My parent's met Henry on a flight. He went up and down the aisle of the plane introducing people to a then exotic food, Macadamia nuts. Seems Mr Thiele had made a food discovery in Hawaii. Or so is my memory of the story. Princess Charlotte pudding was awesome and they used to give you the recipe at the till if you asked. I miss those days. Good memories.

I have very fond memories of this place, my Aunt was good friends with the Son Henry Jr. who moved on down to the coast at Lincoln City with his own version of good eats. Who could forget the old Austrian guy August who I beleive was married to Margrett Thelie, he would act as the host and seat people, what a character he was.
German Pancakes where great, they served them on big platters. The round cafe style bar was a great place to sit at while eating on the go. I think I remember always ordering the club house sandwich,lol.

My grandmother took me to Henry Theile's and I would sometimes go with my aunt and mother. I remember the German Pancakes and the Princess Charlotte Pudding! We were told that Hotel Deluxe, which used to be the Mallory Hotel, now uses the Theile's pancake recipe. I had my wedding at the hotel and asked them to make mini versions of the pancakes to serve as an hors'd oeuvre in honor of my grandmother :O) This Christmas we are having a Princess Charolotte Pudding contest to see who can make it the best. I WILL BE USING THIS RECIPE! I wish we could bring the old place back. It is sorely missed.

While eating homemade German pancakes, remembered Thiele's restaurant. We went there after playing symphony and opera orchestra gigs in the late 60's and 70's. That was one BIG pancake, served on a platter. Went to Rose's too. Great memories. Thanks for all the posts.

I was born and raised in N.W Portland. As a young boy (grade school age) my family always ate at Henry Theiles whenever we had out of town guests. Later in high school (late 70s) I worked for about a year as a bus boy for Margaret Theile, So I became quite familiar with the food seeing I ate there most every day, sometimes twice. The two main cooks, Wally and Willie both had been there over thirty years enjoyed cooking for me. ( I think they simply liked seeing young people eat. Most of the waitress also were long timers. I was deeply saddened when the restaurant closed. It was a Portland landmark for decades there on the corner of Westover and Burnside. Its towering blue neon sign lighting up the the street at night.
I'm glad I had a chance to be part of the history of Henry Theiles.

From an early age I rode the Rose City Arlington Heights bus home from school. The bus stop at Thiele"s and my routine was to check the newspaper machines for change then go into the restaurant, check the cigarette machine then go see my friend Lily. Lily was the hostess and cashier. She was beautiful smart and one of the sweetest people I knew. Over the years we became friends and Lily would save the empty cigar boxes and give them to me. Lily knew I was thrilled to get them. On Sunday's, after being dragged to church, Mom would sometimes treat me to Thiele's...German Pancake always. As I grew older and as my palete evolved I began to appreciate many of the other offerings. True, some of the menu was uninspiring, however much of it was exceptional. The Henry's pate' was delicious as was the fish and chips(always halibut). And Who could forget the Henry's Treat, and so many more. Of the eateries of my youth that are now gone, I miss Thiele's the most...Roses a distant second.

Born & raised in Beaverton/ Hillsboro 1940's @ 50's. Many fond memories of my parents most favorite special place to take us. After senior prom, 1958, six of us snuck out the back door without paying. Got to the car and all of us so frightened and guilty, one of us snuck back in and left the money for bill pus tip on the table. Bet we were watched every step of the way.

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