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March 30, 2010


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This survey has one of my favorite tunes at #16 "Goin' Out Of My Head" by The Lettermen. I used the instrumental version by Wes Montogomery for my theme song when I was in radio. It was a great one to back-time because of how it finished.

love that one too, especially their live version

This must have been shortly prior to O'Brien's departure from KISN. I started there in December of '68 and it was some time in mid '69 that he returned from wherever it was he had gone.

Thank you William R. for clarifying something for me. When I visited Portland in the summer of '69, Judge Ramsey was doing mornings. I knew O'Brien had been doing mornings previously and afterwards but wondered if the week I was in town the Judge was just filling in. I definitely caught you doing the news. When you got to KFRC I remembered.

"THIS IS CAPTAIN 'OH WOW!'" KXOA in Sacramento ran the Bill Cosby Radio Show weekdays at 4:45. My group of friends used to walk the halls of Winters High School doing Cosby sayings. "RIGHT!" In PE, we used to pick on the fat kid... "C'mon Fat Albert, ya' gotta' run!. He would play along... "No-no-no, don't like to run!" We were such a cool group. Two weeks ago I got to see my best friend from that time. I hadn't seen him since 1973!

HART IS ON A ROLL! In January of 1968, radio stations were still playing a lot of the Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper" LP. Remember "Good Morning?" That was how I started my Friday morning college radio show at KCSC in Chico. But when I went "pro" at KWSD, the owner was so old-fashioned he wouldn't let me use my name... (John Hart) or any name... (Morgan W. Ross, Jay Stone, Marshal Law, etc.) To the real pros like Stoner, Roger W., William R., Bobby Noonan, and company... my radio career barely made a "blip" on the radar. But I enjoyed my moment in the sun and have no regrets for how things turned out.

I had to use two different names while I was working at several stations in the Boise,Idaho area. One was on the weekends. I had to think first before I opened the mike and introduced myself!

Before I correct the spelling of other's, I need to clear up something in the above post, it should read...before I opened the "mic", not mike, although I do have a friend by that name. Small detail I know, but I feel better now!

Don't worry, Bob. I've been accused of dropping "Yogisms (as in Berra)." "It ain't never been done before and it ain't never been done since!"

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