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April 28, 2010


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Me too! My dad had a house account with that place when I was a little kid and then I had one when my kids were little. We would dine there, put down the tip amount and sign the tab and they would send us a monthly statement. It was a very special place and a real loss when they shut down.

They had the best chicken and dumplings! Loved the Olde Towne Crier!

The Chicken and Dumplings on Sunday were wonderful.

I worked there for a couple of years. The hot items were the homemade blueberry jam and bread sticks that were on every table. Next was the "Yankee pot roast". The chicken and dumplings were also a big item along with the lobster theramdor and their steaks.
We had one cook who if a steak was sent back to be cooked a little more she would jump up and down on it while cussing, dip it in the stock pot to wash it off (the stockpot is where Fridays very popular french onion soup came from)and then throw it back on the grill for a minute. She reminded me of that granny in the playboy cartoons. I know a lot of deep secrets about the place but it was immensely popular in it's day.

It was a yearly treat, an event for the entire family…my grandparents, their four kids and their 16 grandchildren…it was where we always had their anniversary dinner…and my grandfather always paid for the whole damn thing! Imagine, 16 kids all screaming and yelling at the same time? Of course, WE were all perfect. Yeah, right!
Their pot roast was “to die for” and that’s where I learned the difference between “rare” and “burnt” steak. Been havin’ it “rare” ever since!

And now…I’m hungry!


I too worked there, for about a year. Loved everything about the place and miss the Crier more than any other restaurant that's closed in Portland. Home baked breads, rolls and pastries, fresh homemade blueberry jelly, incredible Cream of Chicken Soup (Thursday Only!), their fresh turkey sandwich, and of course, their daily (lunch & dinner) specials.
Some years ago I wrote to the Oregonian to see if they could procure the Cream of Chicken Soup recipe in their "Restaurant Request" section, but, alas, no response.
If anyone knows the recipes, or how to contact the Gin or Cliff Shaeffer (sp?), please advise!

Let me add that the Ole town crier was my first job and the worse experience of my life, I never worked at another restaurant after working at the crier.

Not everyone has a good experience, my sucked.

I too worked there in the late 70's-early 80's. I worked hard, but the owners treated me like dung, even though my father was an excellent customer. I have no idea why, other then they were out of touch with their employees.

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