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June 30, 2010


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That shot was taken seven years before LaRog Jewelers set up shop.

To clarify things...the jewelery shop itself moved to the S.E. 82nd and Foster location in 1946, it was the big La Rog sign that was added in 1967. I misread an article that was in the OregonCity News(11-30-09).

I first dropped some cash at LaRog Jewelers in 1957 or was that 1958 or was that 19 . . . I forget. To think what those dollars would be worth today if I had only walked across the street?

82nd and Foster Boulevard, now in glorious color!

The old Fred Meyer store! With Roof Parking, too! I remember when it was torn down and that "modern" big-box building put up in the mid-1960s ('66?) My dad banked at that First National Bank even years after we moved to Gresham in '77. The Rodgers store! Foster Road without left-turn lanes! Man, what memories. Hope you can find more pictures of this neighborhood -- especially a couple blocks north on 82nd, where the original Dickey's Drive-In was (right next to the car dealership at 5050 SE 82nd Ave.).

Oh, and this pic is a little later than 1960 -- look at the westbound car in the outside lane; that's a 1962 Chevy Bel Air wagon. In the inside lane is a Ford Econoline van, which first came out in '61.

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