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June 30, 2010


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I don't think he's made any comments on this as yet. He hasn't been heard from for a while and that doesn't bother me in the least!

I think Al could have done better than that old blister.... She is a fraud.

Gee another 15 minuter looking for her $$$$$

It's awfully difficult to believe that the guy has been all over the world running in the multimillionaire power circle and he chooses to force himself on an unwilling non looker past her prime like this? He could afford much better. To use an old adage, Walks like a duck...

Hey bart, you are a fat ass loser who should shut up. Gore is a freak and always has been and you are an out of work loser who couldnt get it if you paid for it. You fat slob. And Jack, you are so stupid its funny. You have neve even had 15 seconds of fame and you never will. You are a nobody.

Isn' funny just because she is older and not some hot bimbo, you men don't believe it!! It is all about power with Gore. I always get a kick how many more comments the post recieves if it involves something about a woman.

Looks like Chuckie R is trying to defend that old hide that he calls his "girlfriend Are you her manager/pimp Chuckie ?

I heard this morning, when he checked in the Hotel he used the name "Mr. Stone"...

I wonder if his first name was "Dave" ??

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