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July 16, 2010


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I sure would like to see this place return!

I remember going there many times with your family decades ago. It was sure great!! Marty

Agreed and that menu, with photo, was from the OLD, restaurant, tea room. I remember going their in the 40's with my mother and getting those WUNDEFUL~~~~roast beef sandwiches with the mashed potatoes....and the server using the ladle to me a well for the gravy. THEN....when the new restaurant opened....the 50's hot rods, girls, friends and still that wonderful food....like fries and gravy.

Thanks for the photo.

Gino Rossi.................photog

What is on the actual site of this place now?

Oh, how I so want my french fries and gravy!! And a Yaw's burger....I'd be in hog heaven!

what is WGOO

Wonderful Food, great service, lot's of Toosie rolls (from Bob the "COP") and on top of all that the Yaw's were great supporters of the community. Very generous owners.

MJ Marshall

"We Grind Our Own"

What's on the site? ready? Ready to get ill? MCDONALDS

TO ML Brandley I think there is the US Bank at that site. There use to be however the Hollywood district has changed so much I don't know............ Going to Portland next week must check it out.

Used to eat at Yaw's when I was a kid. I got to thinking about their burgers, fries and green rivers today and decided to created a Yaw's Top Notch Restaurant Fan Page on Facebook.

Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/group.php?gid=141680119184686&ref=ts

i have been trying to duplicate a yaw's burger since i left pdx in '72. i know franz bread made special buns, and the green and red relish were VERY important to the taste. they ground the meat on site...85% lean i'm guessing. steve yaw, if your not too busy driving boats around, how about a cook book. i'd pay $20 bucks just for the correct construction of a yaw's burger. but wait there's more...$5 more and you give the recipe for the brown gravy.

My folks took me here in the '40's. Really miss Yah's. I'm 80 years old now. Ron Ott

Since the 7th and 8th grade at Laurelhurst School when we would bike over to Yaw's for lunch in 1936 & '37, I've failed to duplicate the marvelous taste of a Top Notch burger. It was partly the wholesome WGOO beef, partly the tasty toasted bun and, I'm sure, the unique mayonnaise, none of which are approximated by any contemporary burger. Such a loss. If only a Yaw's veteran would pass on the secret for posterity!

Irv, We are trying our best to make yours and our dreams come true, please read on.............

For Immediate Release:

Yaw's Top Notch Restaurant is coming back to the Rose City...
That means W.G.O.O. will be coming back as well!
W.G.O.O. (Do you remember what it stands for ?)

The Yaw family, friends of Yaw's, and former Yaw's employees have come together and decided to make one of the 'Greatest Comebacks' in Portland's history! Yes, we are all banding together, and pooling our talents and resources, to bring back the famous 'Yaw's Top Notch Restaurant'. This 'Comeback' will be made possible by purchasing shares of ownership in Yaw's Top Notch Restaurant.

The Yaw family will bring to the table all the 'secrets' such as the original formulas, recipes, and specifications for food and equipment. We are able to 'PRODUCE' the famous Yaw's Top Notch experience that began in 1926 with the very first Yaw's Restaurant.

Many have claimed to be able to produce the 'exact' Yaw's Signature Items, such as the Yaw's famous (We Grind Our Own) beef, always USDA Choice or Prime, to produce our world famous and award winning delicious and juicy hamburgers. Yaw's famous gravy (for the french fries and gravy of course), to the unique sauces, relishs, pickles, and mayonnaise. As they soon found out -- THEY WEREN'T EVEN CLOSE -- to producing the 'real' Yaw's experience.

From the famous menu items, to the unique recipes, outstanding service, and industry setting standards for quality, we invite you to join in the return of Yaw's Top Notch restaurant to Portland, Oregon. If you are interested in 'joining' the Yaw family, many friends, and former Yaw's employees in this History Making Event — "The Comeback of the Century" — please contact one of the following for more information:

Stephen Yaw Sr. [email protected]
Phil (Kojak) Lowry [email protected]
Brian Ford [email protected]

Can hardly wait!!

When and where will the new Yaws Top Notch be? We are coming to Portland this weekend and would die for a Yaw's Burger!
Gayle Lucke Marsh and Jeff Marsh (San Diego)

To Gayle Marsh and any others who are wondering too:
Some updating news on the Facebook site of Yaw's Top Notch and some pretty cool photos of the 2003 Hollywood Theater Fundraiser that Yaw's held showing lines of folks waiting to get their Yaw's Hamburgers:


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