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July 21, 2010


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We heard about Scratch on the radio. We tried it and it was so delicious. Don't tell too many people, we won't be able to get in!

Heard great things about this place. Must try soon.

Thank you for catering to the gluten free community!

Everyone in Lake Oswego is talking about this new place. We will try it. Any signature dishes? That would be good to include in your reviews.

Beef flat iron steak (was the best I have ever had)
The chocolate lava cake with ice cream was over the top and just incredible.
friends had the scallops and they were delicious.
I also like how they serve french press "Stumptown" coffee
This restaurant is a winner.

Hard to keep this place a secret....It is sooooo good on soooo many levels. From food to staff, Scratch is Top Notch!

Glad you had a blast. I love working there, I must have just missed you as I headed out before your reservation time. Hope to have you in again soon. Would love to talk food and radio.

Sous Chef

@Ed - our signature's are the Radish Dish and the Lava Cake. The menu changes the first Tuesday of every month. Some are allowed to stay through two menu changes - but after than it's gone and we move on to something bigger and better.

This restaurant is sensational


Wonderful dining experience.

Perfect date night restaurant. Wonderful

Hearing good things about it makes me feel so interesting.


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