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August 30, 2010


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sad is not the word.

Jerry K.--- agreed. This just pounds the old adage...."You can never go home"....
So many things from our past that we'll never see again but thank goodness we got to experience them while they were here right?? I still miss the original Eastport Plaza, Farrells, Drive in theaters, Specks drive in, etc ! I was fortunate enough to visit the KISN corner while the Stoner was on the air a few times in the last year of broadcast 1976. I also got to sit in at the transmitter out off Sandy Blvd with Chuck Weber a few times. I'll never forget those times....

This is sad to see! Some would call this progress, but I call it the loss of a great memory! I like the idea of hanging pics of the former home of KISN and the "Good Guys".

Great Phot and story Dave--

For any Portlander over 50 - I'm sure
they remember the "KISN Corner" I hope this new outfit
will have some kind of reminder of what was a big part
of Portland's history...

Is it my age or what -- I think this photo is reversed..

Weren't the turntables on the south side??? (Was this taken through the mirror perhaps??)

Good eye Tom! In fact if you look at the www.kbps.am website on the Alums page you will see this pic reversed...because yes, it was taken in the mirror at the rear of the control room!

Hi Bill -- Yes I suspect the Stoner is just messing with us -- wants to see if we would catch this....

As some listeners would say, calling on the phone at random...

"What do I win for getting through??" (Actually the fact that we answered)

My Father was in Kisn sales (1965-68) and I have the fondest memories or having lunch at a little diner next door and then visiting the station that was alive with a spirit that could not be duplicated today. The halls were buzzing with people who loved Kisn and wanted to be only #1. I remember sitting in with Paul Oscar in the morning when he would pour a little hard stuff in his coffee drink. I can recall Don Kennedy who looked just like a real Kennedy with the hair and all. Great times and later cruising the corner with my friends. Thanks for this memory.

If Doc Martins was smart they would pump up the oldies in that store and throw in Kisn jingles between songs. Big blow ups on the wall. Even kids who have no clue what Kisn was would dig it.

Dave, what a great story and memory; how 'bout the girl who drove by,and the shot of you at work, wow look at those knobs.. thanks for the recollection.

Dave... You are definitely one lucky man, getting to work at the Mighty 91, able to do it at a young age, meeting the girl of your dreams, and thankfully, for those of us who dreamed of being in "the corner," and those of us who heard, you've been able to keep KISN's memories alive. Thank you, Dave. You're the best!!

We were all so lucky to have lived through what I suspect will prove to have been the best of times and thanks to your Blog we are able to relive some of that. We owe you David. Long live the Stump!


Dave: Your idea to give photos to Doc Marten Shoes would be lost in the 2 or 3 generations that have come up since the original days. It would have no meaning for them. It started when Tom Murphy recommended me a a photog to Burden and the rest is history.
I want to thank you for bringing my photos back to life and sharing them with the bloggers. I makes me feel good and I know it must make others relive my 5 KISN years and all of the years since.
It was a once in a life experience and what a ride it was.

Thanks Dave...........

Gino Rossi...KISN photographer, Paul Revere & Raiders Photographer and photographer to many stars....

I think I've said this before, but it's worth mentioning again...love your work Gino!

This is a nice tribute Mr. Stump.....a lot of Goodguy memories stored away....so glad that you are bringing KISN back!! Will there ever be another "Window of the World" in the future do you think??

I SO agree with Bob Karm on this.......Gino Rossi you are a MASTER at taking these great photos!! We love 'em!! We're so blessed that you have given us all these fond memories of growing up in Portland and for sharing all your KISN moments of the GOODGUYS!!

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