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August 31, 2010


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I am so sick of seeing these scumbag Obamas and their friends abuse their positions. Biden showing up in a foreign country wearing jeans and no socks is a first for an american vice president and an insult to the host country. It is a new low even for this scumbag administration. And theres BIG MOMMA Obama, always wearing something to show off her BIG MOMMA arms. These people have no taste and not tact. What they did to the Oval Office is disgusting, and what they are doing to our country is even worse. The problem is, what do you do if you impeach scumbag Obama, you get Biden the village idiot. And what if you impeach him, you get Pelosi the communist. Until the republicans take over we are all in dangerous territory. I met Biden and he is a loud mouth know it all moron who speaks and spits all over the place while telling everyone within earshot, how smart he is. You guys all pitched crap on Quayle, well Quayle was not arrogant and ignorant, and he would have never diaplayed the arrogance of biden and insulted a host country by showing up with no socks. Yeah, Joe you are one cool dude, just like the scumbag arrogant crook you work for.

I looked again at what these animals did to the oval office and I want to throw up. It looks like it should be in the crows nest at the old armory during Portland Wrestling with Frank Bonama and Dutch Savage. The Obamas make me ashamed of my country, that we are so dumb we could have been fooled into electing this crook and his BIG MOMMA. Everyone reading this make sure you register to vote, we are gonna need every vote we can muster to get this crook and BIG MOMMA out of the peoples house in 2012. Obama is a crook, and so is BIG MOMMA too.

On the one hand I feel like the America People got what they ordered - A "Hope & Change" P.T. Barnum salesman - How could they I voted this guy in when you look at his friends and business associates...we all know what mom said about friends...

On the other, the country will survive, once this guy is out of office. I am sure that good hard working american people will turn this ship around, before we hit an iceberg....

If we do "hit an iceburg", I hope there's enough lifeboats!

My bad, that should be..ICEBERG! I must have had food on my mind at the time.

They do look like slobs........

Remember, Reagan would not even set foot in the OVal Office without suit and tie. To them it is just another perk of power, nothing worthy of respect. To be treated like it belongs to all Americans.

I cant even respond to these idiotic comments that only reflect bigotry and a stale mindset. Thank God, we are not in the Regan era...and Chuckie...you are at the top of bigotry.

Rick, what did I say that is racist? Read what i wrote you loser renter. Its all in your racist bigoted mind you scumbag democrat loser.

you will never figure it out chuckles

This country will never move beyond a government run by big business until it first gets wise to the fact that the People have lost control of this country. The easiest way to deal with that is to point fingers at Republicans and Democrats, not realizing that the affiliations of big business with either party is largely one of convenience and coincidence.

The things we see in these pictures, as well as the comments tied to them, are just symptoms of how sick this country has become as a result of all of the lies told to, and crimes committed upon, the American people by people whose only agendas are money and power, and whose vise-grip on this country go back beyond Truman (in modern times).

Remember the phrase, "Divide and conquer." As is evident in the comments above, it is alive and well and continuing to serve the very people who continue to play us.

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