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August 31, 2010


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DAVE: I don't know what to say...except pray for this country, we are going to lose 200 plus yrs if we ALL,don't rear up and say NO MORE!

Don Cornielus of Soul Train called and wants his office furniture back....

Um, he's not exactly the first president to do this.

That feller sittin' next to him took a lot of vacations and redecorated the Oval Office, too.

You might remember that the feller on Obama's left in your picture there put out stories that another guy, Bill Clinton, swiped all the W's off the keyboards in the White House and stole the silverware, too.

Me like Mr Stump, but give me a break.

Mrs Bush's peach-colored rug deserved retirement after eight years.

Good grief.

The couches look like they are from one of Tom Petersons $399 a pair specials. And the coffee table looks like a paper laminated one you get at City Liquidators for $49. The Obamas are as classless as they are phony. The Oval Office belongs to all of us and not just the phony con man who lied his way in there. He redecorated the Oval Office just like he is trying to redecorate the american way of life. Rest easy my fellow americans 29 more months and this scumbag is relegated to the scrap heap of failed presidents. Jimmy Carter move over, theres somebody even worse than you coming to sit next to you. I can't believe that this scumbag would butcher the Oval Office like this. He and his Big Momma wife make me sick. They take advantage of every possible benefit of the position we entrusted to them and they live like kings. Obama is a scumbag liar.

Hey STEVEDESHAZER....IDIOT.. Bush may have remodeled a little bit just to get the Clinton's stains off the carpets and couches but at least Bush kept the place looking dignified and not like Obamas remodel which looks like the front parlor of Huggy Bears lair. Obamas remodel is tasteless just like him and his BIG MOMMA wife. You are an idiot for even comparing a dignified remodel to this abomination by the lying scumbag who is squatting in our White House.

Hey Chuckie, could you be a bit more racist - cause I'm not sure you've made a complete ass of yourself just yet.

Just wait......


no more what?

I didn't realize redoing the oval office, which has been done multiple times, was something to care about one way or another.

Unless you have no life that is.

Huggy Bear's lair.... ROFLMAO !!!!!!

Jack, we'll say 'NO MORE' this November..!!

Mike H...open your eyes and grow a pair...you liberal sots..!

Chuckierabinowitz..you still ROCK..! I'm with you, man!!


Peter you are wise and educated my friend. Mike H. is angry because if Obama gets defeated , Mike may lose his food stamps and rent assistance. Mike lives in a dump apartment and he sits outside and smokes his cigs as the other unwashed scum all mill about the parking lot talking about their new tattoos and piercings. Mike you are a joke. Now go get your free government cheese and drive your old yugo to the plaid pantry and get your groceries you drunk scum. I wouldnt pee on you if you were on fire you loser

Chuckie. I'm glad to meet you.

Based on one post I'm an idiot?

Really? Do you have anything to back that up?

Steve- He doesn't, he's just a racist db.

Steve, you did not graduate from college, not even PCC. You live in a rental house with no heat. Your car has over 100k miles on it and barely runs and you still owe money on it. You have never had a long term relationship with a woman cuz they laugh at your inability to please them. You have had over a dozen jobs, all paying near minimum wage. You have been on food stamps and unemployment. You are the scum underneath my wheels. You are the like poop I pick up on my shoes when I walk through the park. Please get off the government welfare and get a job digging ditches.

I'm just going to say this once, Chuckie.

Get help.

There is something wrong with you.

I'm not kidding and I care. Get help.

Please do this. You are sick.

No one who is normal would respond to my post like you did.

Jesus H Christ, I just like Stumpy's blog. Guess I'll have to rethink that. Crazy people live here.

Suck my cock, Chuckie baby.

Sorry Jimbo, I can't do that cuz your son won't get out of the way.

You people who bash Chuckie don't know what you're talking about because you never got to know him....but I did. Chuckie is the byproduct of a mouth breathing retarded uncle and his epileptic sister who immigrated from northern Greece to Appalachia in the late 40's. After spending most of his early years being sodomized by moonshiners, miners and even his own uncle, Chuckie ran away with some Amway gypsies in 1978 and settled in Keizer, Ore. eventually earning his GED at the old Fairview Hospital near Woodburn. After his third self-induced head injury in eight months, Chuckie was released into the custody of his new Kentucky cousins who had relocated to Burlingame because the streets were easy to remember. Today Chuckie spends much of his time in his kin's trailer kitchenette playing Scrabble without vowels, watching Glen Beck and commenting on Stumptownblogger.com Now you know....the rest of the story!!

Sorry jack but I am a Stanford grad. You still trying to get that associates degree from PCC. Ha ha you loser


While I agree with you Chuckie, the furniture does looks cheap, Obama probably had nothing to do with the remodel other than to pick out the colors, etc. The White House is a very well used building and it deteriorates must faster than a normal home and has been updated literally hundreds of times. While the current residents probably select the styles to fit their personal taste the building is under a strict maintenance schedule that is followed no matter who the sitting President is. "The Presidents House" by William Seale is a great read and documents the history and major updates to the building over its first 200 years.

If you want to make this a partisan thing, remember that Nancy Reagan even outspent Jackie Kennedy with regards to White House decorations, including the Oval office. And yes, every president changes the Oval. But google 'Bush Vacation' some time and you will see that W spent a full 1/4 of his presidency on vacation.

I do agree that the new furniture is a bit too contemporary for the White House, and looks like it belongs in a split-level on a Gresham cul-de-sac however.

a Stanford grad

Yeah right....

Care to make a small wager you loser scumbag?

RACIST..is that all you whiners have ?

He is the living proof, you can take a fool for his money, hell, he took a whole city here.

He hates this country with the passion and he looked right at us and said he would change it....and what you bastards did was swallow it all.

We have nearly lost 200 plus yrs, and some of us fought to preserve it....and you know what ......we will again.

mike h..NO MORE DESTRUCTION OF THE country moron, he is walking death of our nation as we know it, and will not be stopped until Islam and sharia is the law.

He proves it more each day!

Personally I could care less about what is spent on furnishing the oval office. Now more importantly let's take a look at that corrupt lying bastard sitting on the left who took us into an unimaginable war with a country we had no legitimate gripe with, looking for WMD's he knew didn't exist, at a cost that will keep us in debt, seemingly forever, and you want to discuss wallpaper and carpet? How about our innocent kids who died for nothing looking for the non existent weapons the liars sent them after? That is the real crime! Redecorating is just fluff.

And how would you prove it?

That new decoration makes me think George and Weezie Jefferson are gonna come rolling in any moment. "Well, we moooovin on UP"

I like you now Jack. :)

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