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September 16, 2010


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I would consider voting for someone like Bill McCormic if he were to run for Mayor of Portland. I hope he does!

You know we're just going to get the same old recycled politicians, and nothing will change. Look for Erik Sten to come back and run and win! HA. OOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The last restaurant/bar / Mayor we had was the best. I would vote for Mr. McCormick in a heart beat. Its funny...we were talking at work about who would make a good Mayor. This choice is really a good one.

My goodness, look at that resume. It is sure a brighter picture than Sam Adams. I hope Bill will run. He has been a huge success, why not in city hall. Todays its the city hall of shame.

We need to start a Draft Bill McCormick committee. I will donate $1,000 if he will run.

He'd probably do a good job, but it's not surprising that the usual folks here would support him. Look at his resume; Republican, Bush supporter, Gordon Smith campaign. I mean, really. You all are so predictable.

Yep, as good a mayor as Bill McCormick would be...Warner's right...never happen in good old PO.

You see, Portland just has too many jerks like Warner who would look no further than Bill's GOP resume and turn thumbs down. His history with the Oregon Restaurant Association would be enough to do him in.

We're all too predictable (but Warner's not) and of course that's why we would support somebody like McCormick. It isn't that he'd be a great mayor.

Yep, Warner would rather have people like Sam Adams and Vera Katz as mayor. You know, we need to continue to assure the vitality of the city's bike trails and trams and to make sure our sidewalks are good for sleeping and panhandling.

I like Bill McCormick. I heard him talk once at a charity fundraiser and he understands how to motivate young people to be successful and he really gets the need for businesses to be socially conscious. He has obviously built a heck of a business from only one restaurant and he has displayed the business acumen that we need so badly here in Portland. I think he is exactly what we nee for Portland. I agree with Webber, I too would donate money if he would run. Who knows him and how could we meet with him to see if he would actually do it. Unfortunately, it's probably too good of a deal to actually come true.

I got up early because I can't sleep due to my worries about my job and family financial situation. When I read about Bill McCormick running for Mayor (Maybe) it was like a light went on. Everyone in Portland knows him and respects him and he is well known around the country and as our Mayor he would bring great credibility to Portland. He is successful and civic minded. What a difference from our current Mayor. I am going to call his company today and ask him if he would run for mayor. We need this soooo bad. I hope he will listen to a little old waitress mom in southeast Portland.

I have met Bill and he is a pleasant fellow. One thing that bothers me about him is that as the head of the Portland Restaurant Association several years ago he was pushing a sub minimum wage agenda for restaurant workers. Bill is a millionaire many times over and it kind of galled me that he didn’t want to pay fair wages to his employees. I could never understand his logic saying that a sub minimum wage for restaurant employees would actually help them succeed in the business. In any case he hasn’t been actively involved managing his restaurants or anything else the last few years. So what reason do we have to believe he has the skills to manage this city today? I don’t believe he resides in the city limits anyway. I would suggest there are many more qualified business people that could run this city the way it should be. Dave Lister comes to mind. How about Tim Leatherman or why don’t we draft a TV personality like Andy Carson.

Bill McCormick would be an excellent Mayor for our city. Lets get a group together and go ask him this week if he would consider it. Stumptown Blogger, how do we get a hold of Mr. McCormick? Do you know him?

As usual, Joel, you overreact. I was making no comment on his qualifications for mayor. I don't know if he'd do a good job or not. My comments were more directed to you and others here.

By the way, I never understand why folks like you who hate Portland so much, continue to live here. Why do you stay in such a horrible environment?

My first time weighing in on this blog site. I read this and the comments and thought.
A- What qualifications does Sam Adams have other than going bankrupt on his loans, mis-managing his own funds, child predator, horrible leader, liar.

B- Bill McCormick- Leader- success- charitable- built an amazing company- great sense of humor.

Who would you vote for? And don't say Randy Leonard.

I would donate the maximum to Bill's campaign. Bill is bright, knows this city and the challenge it presents. Bill McCormick knows how to bring people together. What a picture perfect choice for Portland.

Don't forget Bill was appointed the US ambassador to New Zealand from 2005-2008.

He has my vote.

Who cares if he is a D or a R? He would be the best PERSON for the job cleaning this filthy, broke city up.

I would donate money and walk door to ddor if this guy ran for mayor. I heard him at a neighborhood talk he gave in Lents once. He is very bright and honest. He knows how to get things done. I am a BIG democrat and I know he is a republican but he was very open about his philosophy and he is not some right wing nut. he is very open minded. We need him. This would be too good to be true.

Actually Warner, I don't live in the city but as I said on another thread if you live anywhere near Portland, then you live in Portland.

Actually, I would like to live in the city...in the Pearl or South Waterfront...but there's no way I'm moving there as long as Sam Adams is mayor. I can't support a pederast or a tax cheat that way.

As for you, you may not have said so explicitly but you were saying you wouldn't vote for McCormick and because he was Gordon Smith's chairman and a Bush Backer. Yep, makes a lot of sense to me. Don't back someone for supporting Gordo or Bush or because they are a Republican but back someone who molests children, builds bike paths and trams and doesn't pay his taxes.

We nedd him. I will help in a campaign if he runs

This is the best pick I have seen or heard about. Bill would shake it up in city hall.

Did you mention Ambasdor to New Zealand?

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