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September 04, 2010


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Should be:

"Wear the Union Label so our union bosses can live in the big houses on the hill."

The only good union is a defunct union.

Unions have seen a big transformation since the original intent!

Unions are the most corrupt entity in America today. They bankrupted california and they are going to bankrupt Oregon. I think Dudley has the cojones to stand up to these scumbag thugs. God know Klownhaber is their paid stooge who will give them everything they want in order to get re-elected, no matter how badly it hurts Oregon. And by the way, Kulongoski has been hiding the big secret. Next years biannual budget for Oregon is going to have a deficit of $3 Billion dollars. Remember that you heard it hear first from Chuckie.

Thank God for unions!

Chuckie likes Chinese underpants. I prefer mine made in the USA by American workers,

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