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October 22, 2010


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I asked for some money and he told me he did not have any. Sounds like everyone else I know.....What's new.

This is why that crook & thief Chris Dodd retired. He got the sweetheart mortgage of all time from his pal in this story. Now Tax payers are funding 148 BILLION and counting.

HEY CHUCK LANDSCROTUM: SHUT UP. Can you or anyone else tell me exactly and specifically what this guy did that was wrong or illegal. And I mean specifically and detailed you idiots. Get off his back, he did nothing wrong. You guys are morons.

Hey Chuckie...sounds like you might have missed an entire decade. Welcome back.

This crook & thief should be sharing a cell with Bernie. The story is beyond my imagination. Angelo Mozilo will never see a day behind bars, because he cut his deal. This smart & brilliant crook does not hand over 23 million cash with no deal.

Besides the $22.5 million penalty he is also coughing up $45 million in disgorgement of ill-gotten gains. It must be nice to be able to write a check for $67.5 million to make your troubles go away. And to Chuckie hab no wits, I liked that Chuck Landscrotum comeback.

Chuckie said: "Get off his back, he did nothing wrong"

Good God,......you would have forgiven Hitler.

You Sir,....are truly the Moron.


RE: Chuckie Rabinowitz


Chuckie's comments are meant to be taken tongue in cheek, not literally.


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