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October 31, 2010


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My God Luke. you were the best. I always felt that while you were around things would be okay because you had strength AND class. God speed mt friend. We will always love you.

He will be dearly missed, a true class act and wonderful warm man. He made basketball fun and exciting. He was the type of player that is missing in today's misserable game.

Lucas was a class act. He was great with fans. Always took the time to chat with kids that would stop him on the street or in a mall. A dynamic player, all star, good man. RIP

To echo the comments of others here, indeed Maurice Lucas was totally a class act. I'm glad I had the pleasure of watching him play in person and happy I was able to interview him several times over the years. He may have been an intimidating enforcer on the court, but he was a kind and gentle man who was a pleasure to be around.

I was shocked to see that Maurice Lucas died yesterday. We saw the announcement on the ticker tape on Tv last night. The man was a great player and nice man. He loved Portland, and The Portland Fans loved him. I thank him for the First and Only NBA Championship game that made Portland go crazy. You will always be in my heart and other fan's hearts, Maurice. Thank you for the joy and love you gave Portland. RIP Enforcer!


To one of the best EVER to play professional basketball. Maurice you were just as amazing off the court as you were on it. You had class & were never too busy for your fans or kids who wanted to talk to you or get an autograph. Always a class act. So much different from many of the NBA player's of today. It was amazing to watch you play basketball. This City loves you & always will. Thank you for all the memories, "Enforcer". Even though you are no longer here, your spirit will remain with us always & forever. God bless you, RIP Maurice.

Hard to believe that BOTH of those guys on that Sports Illustrated cover (Maurice Lucas and Dennis Johnson) are both dead. What a special era that was for Portland and Seattle basketball. RIP Luke and DJ, hope you're hoopin' it up somewhere.

He made an appearance at my school after the Blazers won the championship. I will never forget that day. Larry Steele was there also. They made every kid feel important. Sad news about a great man.

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