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October 31, 2010


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That suit he wears must be getting to him. I still think it looks like the "second one free."

Meanwhile, Reid has untold scores of out-of-state Democrat staffers door knocking for him in Vegas this weekend.

Double standard? Naw, not for the party that would have starved to death at Plymouth Rock.

What, you say the President was here last week?

That's different...The Obamantion was here for Kitzslobber. Christie and Barbour are here for Dudley.

Geez, can't you see the difference? (Tongue firmly planted in cheek.)

I picked this up when I saw it on the news also. Hypocritical? You betcha!
In response to the previous comment about his suit..... I really don't care what any of them wear...I care about their integrity and ability to speak for the voters however, I am yet to see him actually wear a suit. He is usually going for the jeans, big belt buckle and sports coat "cowboy look" or this morning I saw an acid wash brown leather jacket circa 1991. Dress the part as a sign of respect for the position.

Kitzhaber is looking more and more like what he really is. An irrelevant, grumpy old man who desperately wants to be the center of attention again. Unfortunately, he has bad ideas and old worn out methods. He is a throwback to the 70's and he can't seem to gain any traction with his retread and failed proposals. What a laugh we all had wheh his commercial said that he was going to put people back to work in the forests. He wouldn't know how to create a job or encourage economic growth ever in his life. His only method of increasing the revenue to the state is to raise taxes. And we all know where that leads us: To more people moving across the river and abandoning Oregon. Kitzhaber is a grumpy old man and he should just fade off into the sunset. Is it me or does he look a lot like Jed Clampett.

Voted for Dudley. I'm a Democrat.

What on Earth is an "Obamantion"?

I care about their integrity & ability to speak for the voters however, I am yet to see him actually wear a suit. They is usually going for the denims.


Such silly and forgetful Proletarians we are.

Let us remember that here in the Peoples' Republic of Oregonistan that-paraphrasing Orwell in Animal Farm--"ALL Proletarians are equal, it's just that some Proletarians are MORE EQUAL than others."

And who claims a Greater Equality than the Nomenklatura of the Democrat Party and its-seemingly-Premier-For Life, Comrade Yevgeni Kitzhaberov?

Let us never utter a public word questioning the Perfect Intentions of Oregon's Noble Leaders...for that will be seen by them as Dissent.

Dissent is not tolerated in the Collective and shall be repressed by rallies in Pioneer Courthouse Square and in front of the Offender's home or place of business.

Just try to buy a fur at Schumacher's.

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