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October 31, 2010


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Ernie is a great guy and we are lucky to have him here in Portland. He was an NFL great and we should all respect and admire this man. He was tough as nails but kind and compassionate. Fair yet demanding and always encouraging to everyone he met. Portland loves you Ernie. If I were a woman I would be knocking on your door with chocolates and a six-pack of Red-Stripe.

Ernie is a NFL god and was born & raised in Beaverton!

What is Randy Beisler doing today? He was a great player and had a long career

Ernie tells me that he is retired & living in the Bay area.

That photo is fantastic. Look at their faces. Total joy

Ernie zwahlen is a fraud, cheat liar, and muliplative ashole watch out!

I just found out about this posting that someone used my name. Ernie is my uncle and nothing is further from the truth and it seems that probably someone who has issues, isnt brave enough to use their own name. Nice Steve?
This is from the real David Krueger

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