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January 15, 2011


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Geez, what a trip down memory lane. I spent my earliest days in radio at KLIQ...when we triple-spotted eight breaks an hour to when KLIQ-FM became the first Portland FM to earn a full share point in the book.

All of those names. I got to know many of them personally when they'd call the station just to chat some more because the "three day rule" prevented them from calling on the air. They didn't want to get the dreaded "Dragnet."

John Lund was our PD, soon to move on to Los Angeles to become Assistant Program Director at talk Mecca KLAC.

I worked two hours a day at first, pushing buttons at the Hoyt Hotel for Doug Baker...plus two extra hours one day a week pushing buttons for Harvey Dick on his once a week show. And then there was my eight hour Sunday shift at the Oaks Park studios playing religious tapes and making the live announcement after each program.. "And don't forget when you write to tell Dr. Burpo you listen to his program on KLIQ."

After a few months as a part-timer and fill-in board op, I got a full time gig as a talk show producer and "off stage announcer" as it was called. $500 a month and I loved it. I was actually getting paid to have all that fun. $500 isn't even a good weekly salary by today's standards but back then it was princely...at least that's the way it seemed. Of course back then you could shore a dmanned nice apartment with a roommate for 65 or 70 bucks a month and drive a brand new car for a 79 dollar a month payment.

Well, I'm on a trip down memory lane...pre-wife, pre-kids and pre-divorce and it all seems like it was just yesterday. Thanks for running the clip Dave. Now I'm going to go reminisce some more.

What was it like working with Doug? Did you work out of the Hoyt Hotel studio?

Awesome comments Joel!

Interesting stuff......My Dad was Doug Baker-any anecdotes?
Sheldon Baker

Doug Baker was KLIQ's first talk show host beginning on January 5, 1966. Baker had been doing talk at KWJJ previously before the format change to Country on 3-1-65. KLIQ changed format to Big Band on August 12, 1974.

Sheldon- We met years ago, what are you up to these days? Your Dad was the best columnist to ever work the papers in this town.

A couple of memories of Doug Baker...

Moyer Theaters was a big advertiser and the "off stage" announcer used to say Moyer Thee-ay-ters. The mispronunciation of thee-uh-ters used to drive Doug crazy...although he never said anything except to me. Maybe he thought I'd take it to the mispronouncer and set him straight but I was just the part-time kid.

Then there was the time during the break when we were discussing...and don't ask me why because I don't remember...an Ann Landers column in which she said that a dog mouth was cleaner than a human mouth. I can't remember how we got there but just as the cue came in my headset...which Doug didn't get...I pointed at him and keyed his mic on as he said, "Well those gays really have a good thing going for them. Oops.

By the by, dog mouths aren't cleaner...it's just that the germs in a dog's mouth have little effect on humans. But let me ask you this...which would you rather french kiss, a human or a dog?

Gr8t stuff!

John Lund sent me an email with an attachment that I couldn't open and in poking around trying to find the link I found this blog. Sheldon, your dad was one of my dad's favorite people. Recognizing all these names and places is like stepping back into a life that ended so long ago. We lost my dad last November. Diane Jack L.

My mother, Aileen Goodman, worked at KLIQ for several years. She started there in 1966 and ended around 1982. She began working in the office & worked her way up to Station Manager, being one of the 1st women to hold that position. I remember the poster; it really sparked memories. I practically grew up at Oaks Park, which during my visit this last summer, I noticed it hasn't changed much over the years. It was nice to see that KLIQ has not been forgotten.

Diane - I don't know if you remember me, but I remember your dad. I'm sorry to hear of his passing. My mom died in April of 94. Best wishes to you your family.

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