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February 24, 2011


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Did I read that right? Gift shops in DC focus on made in China stuff? I thought Democrats had a mantra for working families and USA jobs...now I get it...actions speak louder than words.

Maybe that's why Obama's GM - that the US taxpayers just saved, is building a new factory in Mexico for $500 million to export more of our jobs.

Those kool aid drinkers can't vote themselves out of work fast enough.

I'm beginning to think the only think the only thing made in this country anymore is something called "trouble"...and most of that is manufactured in D.C....

Barry Sanders? Come on Dave! Get some editing! Let somebody else's eyes take a look at these posts before you put them up. Doug Baker would not be happy.

(Sen. BERNIE Sanders, I-VT)

Hey rich, I think Barrack (Barry) Hussein Obama was the intent...I read the story also and Sanders did make those comments.

Let's not all forget to shop for a made in Mexico car to load up the made in China goodies from the local discount store...as we let the enviro libtards pass a few more family wage job killing bills (aka job exporting bills) in Salem and DC. The Spotted Owl must be proud.

Oregon City just lost century old employer of family wage jobs this week to China. Libtard commentators praising this as a "Save The River" matter. Sad thing is most the affected employees probably vote Democrat.

Why does Bernie Sanders care if something is made in China. As a Socialist (capital s, he is a Socialist,) Sanders should look on China as the greatest thing since Hula Punch.

I'm not taking issue with the rant, just the fact behind the rant. And I didn't 'get it.' But maybe that's just me, but getting the name correct is kind of important.
That said, I wouldn't bother if I didn't like Dave's Friday pieces. I whine because i care.

Its the UAW that causes the auto plants to move out of the country. They won't allow the new efficient plants here because they require a lot less people than they old out of date ones. It's why Ford and GM are starting to get so profitable. It has nothing to do with either political party.

I must admit, I always enjoy your 'Friday Suprise'. I read it from top to bottom. It's a good way to start my Friday while drinking my first cup of coffee. Keep them coming Dave!

Corrected! Wrote this one very late last night! Thanks.

King of Comedy ranks in my top 10 movies of all time.

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