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February 26, 2011


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Forget about the rape at Stanford, Forget about his mental problems, Forget about his staff leaving their cherished jobs just to be done with Wu. He has been a horrible representative for Oregon from day one. Name one big deal he ever scored for this state or been on a major high profile committee. Name one.

Wu had basically one answer fpr every question:

"It was poor judgement. I shouldn't have done it."

Well, you know, all of that poor judgement leading to all of those things he shouldn't have done add up to one thing...RESIGN!!!

Wu is an embarrassment to a community and state that already suffers from the embarrassment of "Portlnadia" (TV show, not statue)and Sam the Sham, Spitting Ron Wyden - New York's third Senator, Neil Goldshit, The memory of Ted Kulongcrapski, and John Kitzslobber...to just skim off the top.

Wu was given this week's WaPo "Worst Week in Washington" award...an award granted just 52 times a year and quite the dishonor. If the voters of the First CD had known about Wu's misbehavior he would surely have been defeated just as Bob Packwood would have been defeated if voters had known of his misdeeds. Packwood resigned and Wu should also step down.

David Wu...RESIGN!!! The sooner the better. Let the healing begin. And maybe you'll be an example to Sam the Sham and Kitzslobber.

The picture of Wu in the tiger suit could be the most popular photo making the rounds these days. As I've been looking at newspapers and magazines from across the country this morning, all of them seem to have Wu in the tiger suit right in the middle of their front pages...above the fold.

Wu won't resign. He has his fellow Democrats rallying around him and protecting him. What a shame. If he was a Republican he'd be gone by now.

Hey, at least give him good credit for not choosing a Bumble Bee outfit.

And if he resigns a special election will be held to determine the successor. And it won't be a Democrat after this along with the public union greed rallies.

I was wondering when the booze stories would finally surface. I've heard from folks who party with him.

Amazing that he just decides to stay in. Its as crazy as he is.

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