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March 30, 2011


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Whatever happened to the admonition that pigs get fed but hogs get slaughtered? Apparently doesn't apply to the denizens of WS. If you're interested in this type of movie, make sure to watch "The Smartest Guys In The Room" about Ken Lay and the Enron gang. They should feature all these clowns in the next Call of Duty game...

Also "Fair Game". This movie is about the outing of one of our own CIA agents by the White House and actually contains a fair amount of real footage of the real players in this sordid deed.

It was amazing! Tells the truth.

did this buy a soccer team for daddy's little boy?

A monumental crime. The biggest bank heist in history.

Lord Paulson knows all. So respected by the shakers and movers in timbers land. Another piece of shit trust fund punk.

And we ended up with Paulsons scumbag kid who arrogantly came to Portland and threw the Beavers into the trash can so he could have a soccer team. Paulsons are scumbags


Yeah,that pretty well says it.

There isn't a one of you who wouldn't trade your own pathetic lives to be one of these guys. Well, except maybe for Jack. He's too dull to understand. Read his comment about Enron. He only knows what he heard from the mainstream media and the biased movie he cites.

As Mark Twain once said: "Interesting if true, and interesting anyway."

Inside Job is great. Everyone should rent it and watch it twice.

Banksters? Love it!

Nice Joel

So how's your life going?

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