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March 30, 2011


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The man is my hero. I love Rusty and I would love to meet him some day. He was what I looked forward to every day when I was in kindergarten.

I'm happy to have met him and been on his show.

My grade school PTA hired Rusty to come out and do his magic show for the kids. I never felt the same way about Rusty Nails after that show. He was kind of an ass. He turned off a lot of little kids that day.

Left a message for Rusty on his phone, for some background on a record he issued himself. He never returned my call.

All of you should shut up and leave Rusty alone. He gave it his all and made a lot of children happy for many years. Rusty we love you.

Rusty also came to my grade school back in the 1970's. He was great. Didn't leave me twisted and bitter!

Rusty was at the Gasco (NW Natural Gas) company picnics when I was a kid. We all loved Rusty Nails!!

Leave it to Joel to rain on the parade of a boomer icon.

Saw Rusty at Alpenrose Dairy 6 years ago (Near the Horse corral)

The Kids Loved him!

(He was however, at little smaller then I remembered when I saw at age 10)

Hey Jackoff...

I just tell 'em like they is. If you want to worship Rusty Nails...go ahead, be my guest. But I know he left a lot of kids at my grade school thinking he was a real jerk.

What do you want me to do? Cover it up? Just say, "Ooooh. Rusty nails...what a swell guy." Well, that ain't gonna happen. He was a Bozo and not because of his clown personna.

Ladies and Gentlemen, showing how he truly wins friends and influences so many people, the valedictorian of the Dale Carnegie School, our man Joel.

Hey LaTrina (if that is your real name)...

I'm not here to make friends...or lie. Dale Carnegie was completely wrong when he wrote "Kiss Lots of Ass and Make Friends." Anyone who requires that you kiss their butt to be their friend isn't worth having as a friend in the first place.

There's that old saying about the truth setting you free, try it, it works wonders.

Along with my lifelong friend from Salem, Gary Beck, I visited Rusty's show 3 times doing our magic show. Jim Allen was a wonderful man and a terrific role model for a couple of kids who were thrilled to have a shot at stardom while still in Jr. High School! Like every public personality, he may have had an occasional "off day" which is quite understandable when you consider the pressure that's on any clown to be happy and funny 24/7. ---sorry that you caught him on a bad day, Joel, but take it from a guy whose life was inspired by this big-hearted clown who took the time to encourage me to pursue a show business career...he was a genuine good guy.

My brother Jim and I saw Rusty when he appeared at the SE Hawthorne Safeway in the mid seventies. Rusty was great and even drove a tiny clown car around the parking lot. He handed out baloons and talked with us. We were thrilled.

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