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April 30, 2011


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That's a very generous version of what he actually said!

i'm thinking that tha donald may wind up as the ross perot of 2012.

Trump is a huckster and a buffoon...a rich huckster and buffoon to be sure...but there is wisdom in what he says here.

The U.S. builds the economies of everyone, even our enemies. Look at what we've done for China.

Of course the stupid unions have made it impossible for the US of A to compete in the world economy. I can hire a full-time outsourced worker in the Philippines for $500 a month who would cost me at least $3500 a month to hire domestically.

Now, where do you think I'm going to do my hiring?

The Filipino will call me "sir" and be loyal and grateful for the job. The domestic worker will say nasty things about me behind my back and go on strike because I won't pay 100 percent of his health insurance and 401K.

Is it any wonder that American corps are demanding concessions from their workers and when they don't get them they send the jobs offshore?

Do you really want people in the United States to be so poor that they would be drooling all over themselves to work for you uncomplaining, for $500 a month?
Really? THATS what you want for this country?

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