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April 15, 2011


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Yes indeed, a first class business, back when some people didn't even know how to pronounce the word "Mercedes"! It often came out sounding like Mer-suh-deez

While my grandmother was in the process of buying her green 200 SE, back in 1959, I was just a kid, exploring the showroom and being introduced to that all time classic, the 300 SL coupe, complete with gull wing doors! It's been a favorite ever since. Even the little 190 SL caught my eye!

My dad was jealous of that car that he searched the entire Portland area and finally found a used, or as he always said, "pre-owned" red 219 and drove it for years with pride and much joy. He wasn't very happy though, when my mother had to tell him that she had been in a small accident and there was a "little" dent in the driver's door. They could never match the color of red on that door and it proved to be the basis for many arguments for years to follow. Eventually, they had the entire car repainted in a "Mercedes approved color", a metallic root beer brown, but it never was the same. The car spent its last days, sitting under a carport at the beach rotting away until my dad died in the late 90's. How sad.

I took my driver's test in that red 219 and I don't think the guy from DMV had ever even seen a Mercedes before! The 4-speed manual transmission required a special little maneuver to get into reverse and he just sat there, a little confused! I kinda liked that back in 1966, but I was still able to pass the test and show the guy I could paralled the thing with no problem what-so-ever!

Thank you, Don, Greg and your entire family and staff for running a first class business...and to quote an old Hollywood legend..."Thanks for the memories"!

And Mr. Stump...thanks for the photo...ah, yes, what wonderful memories!


Dad started out with a little, field gray 1960 190 diesel four door with a sliding canvas roof and red leather interior.

On a trip to Germany in '65 he got a deal on a 1958 300 d-frame Adenauer and shipped it home. Talk about an upgrade! A whisper-quiet motor that would let you glide down I-5 at 70 easily. A Becker AM/FM/SW radio with unbeleievable sound. Grey velour interior with the fold-down armrest in the back seat. Weekend drives in that baby were an absolute kick.

They were lovingly cared for by the folks at Rasmussen, a business that maintained an enviable record for quality and customer service... and I'd give my eye teeth to have that 300 today.

Wuff Tuff...

A '58 300D Adenauer? Sounds yummy! I looked it up, out of simple curiosity, just to whet my appetite a little and I can understand your desire to see a dentist...totally!


GREAT SHOT! Wow, look at those rides!

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