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April 29, 2011


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All I can say is...I miss KISN!

They are very talented & very well known in Portland -

I am sure they will turn up in the Portland market somewhere....

Those imbeciles were awful....

I quit that show a couple years ago because Nelson was no longer funny and seemed to have his own agenda which was NOT what I was looking for.

HUGE loss to the Portland area. I hope they turn up somewhere else - I know I will no longer listen to 105.1.

Buzz lost me too I liked Nellie and Terry. I have grown very tired of Daria and Teds rants (at Mitch) and I am moving on..

I will not be listening to this station any longer. The main reason I listened in the morning was for Nelson and Terry.
Buzz off...

Entercom Radio can kiss their bottom line goodbye. They will soon see a sharp delcine in their revenue stream because of this foolish and uninformed move. Although I love Daria, Mitch and Ted, I will not support 105.1 for this decision and will not be spending my advertising dollars with them. Whomever made this decision needs to have their decision making skills re-evaluated by at a higher level.

Probably won't help get them re-instated, but I really miss them. Nelson & Terry are the reason I started listening to the station- and the only reason I listened in the morning. The afternoon buzz is ok, but getting a bit heavy on the impersonations and entertainment guide. The afternoon show seems to only be 1-2 hrs long and repeats each day- and seems to be reruns ALOT. Guess I'll have to renew my satelite radio.

I have listened to them since their first broadcast. I came back from vacation and couldn't find out where they were. I sent an email to their marketing department informing them that if Nelson and Terry were gone then so was I. I also forwarded the email to all of their sponsors.

I will miss them also. I followed Nelson from z100 to 105.1 I have come to love Sheryl Stewart mid day and Daria & Mitch in the afternoon. Although I do hate that THe Afternoon Show is not a full length show. It just repeats itself each afternoon into evening. That sucks. Usually I get out of the car for an appointment and when I get back in they are replaying everything I listened to on the way there. GRRR. I could do without Kim Iverson in the evening. I'd rather have music then.

Our family followed Nelson to 105.1 from 100.3 years and years ago.... they are very much missed and we no longer listen to 105.1 because of Nelson and Terry's departure. Foolish move on the part of those who "think" they know what they are doing. As though we needed another crap bad wrap station like 100.3. Really....


What a true loss to the Portland market. Nelson & Terry have made me laugh for years and was the only reason I listened to 105. I recently moved to LA and have been trying to stream the show and found it got dumped...no plans on following the station from LA anymore!

Loss to Portland? Nelson did one voice. The guy from the old tired Simpsons and was the highest paid in the city. Ratings were zilch. You retire high paid ball players that can't score. He will be lucky to get $60 grand at his next stop. Hope he saved some money.

I have to say that I stopped listening to the morning show on the Buzz a long time ago. Nelson's jokes and schtick was tired leftovers from the 80's and just not funny anymore. Instead of arriving to work with a song in my head, I had an annoying headache. I absolutely love the afternoon show with Daria, Mitch and Ted. I find myself laughing out loud on the MAX while commuting. I was pleasantly suprised to hear MORE MUSIC and a soothing voice on the radio this morning when I tuned in. The early morning traffic girl has some pronounciation issues, she trips up on her report every day. I am very glad they switched DJ's. Music is a great way to start the day. Especially when you are not too annoyed to listen to it. I am going to be listening to the BUZZ radio more often and every day now.

That morning show wore me out. Tuned out 2 years ago. All the guy talked about was cancer and kids. Good cause, but not a up-lifter going to work. Sirius is the best. The Blend.

What a HUGE loss for radio listeners. I will switch radio buttons when they "land" somewhere else.

The show changed when Stacey left and I figured it would be soon for Terry and Nelson (listening to Nelson since John Murphy and crew). I will miss Valentine for CCA.

The new guy? What a bore. Who cares that he likes Crate & Barrel and Italian food? He has ziltch personality in the morning and puts me to sleep - don't listen. I don'r listen 3-? cause Daria just drivels on and on and then repeats the same. "Your Time with Kim Iverson" is equally banal. I'll find another station.

Good luck Terry & Nelson, best to you and your families. Thanks for all the years of a great kick-start in the morning.

Anyone other than me notice that the only people supporting Nelson and Terry getting the well deserved boot are chicks? And as eveyone knows, chicks ain't got the "Sense of Humor" gene... They don't even like the "3 Stooges" for chissakes!!

Nelson stunk like 6 day old road kill with his "72" voice impersonations that all sound alike. He **might** find success doing comedy for 3rd graders if said 3rd graders are fairly immature. Terry was tolerable... Barely tolerable at times, but tolerable.

for people that didnt like the show .theirs that knob in front of your face called the on and off button . use it . for the people that enjoyed the show ,what a great loss of entertainment in the morning.

@ Bob Karm, I couldn't have said it better! (Yes, I know this thread is about Nelson and Terry, but I'm going off on a tangent here.) Bring back KISN!!!

And, the next person who tells me that there's an oldies station on 106.7 gets a fat lip. Those aren't the oldies I want to hear. Crap from the '70s is not "oldies"!!!

Disco songs and 80's. That does not sound like an oldies station to me. Excited about the new Kisn. I work at a computer all day and will be glued to it.

Nelson and Terry will be missed if they needed to cut cut Daria and Mitch they are stupid.

I work 2 jobs, and i looked forward to Terry and Nelson in the am to get me going, it wasn't a daily thing or I think It would get old, but Daria Mitch & Ted-please don't take them off! I look forward to listening at work in the afternoons, and it's ok to replay stories- i don't always get the hear all the way through the first time and hope to catch 2nd round. Pam

Last week when I turned on 105.1 and heard a strange voice I assumed that Nelson and terry were on vacation. Iam so pissed and dissappointed that they are no longer on the air. I spend very little time alone( I have two chatty toddlers) and look forward, two days a week, to my morning drive to my part time job in which I can listen to their show. I cant listen to this guy. Bring back Nelson and Terry before I loose my mind listening to random stations! PS I still love Daria and Mitch in the early evening!

I started listening to the Buzz when Nelson and Terry started. did I get tired Of them at times? Yes, but when I got tired I just turned them off for a day or so but they would drag me back and I was happy again. I like Daria, Mitch, and Ted but get tired of the 2 against Mitch all the time and Mitch not standing up for himself. They were only on because my station was tuned to the morning buzz. I feel they were replaced by a machine, and at this time we need the REAL thing to make our days easier to deal with. I get no emotions from the Buzz now and feel they should change their name to something michanical. I'd like to see a machine do what Nelson and Terry did for the CCA. I say buzz off Buzz. I'm tuned into a real station now.

I am shocked! Nelson and Terry entertained me while I drove to work. Goodbye 105.1 I turned off my radio.

I will not be listening to this station any more! Nelson and Terry were entertaining and made me laugh in the mornings. Daria, Ted and Mitch are very boring and I have no interest in them at all. Entercom you are a bunch of idiots!!!

Last year I took part in a in-person survey at Entercom about 105.1. A lot of people there had a lot of negative things to say about Nelson and a lot of positive things to say about Daria & Mitch. I personally didn't agree. I think Nelson is great, though admittedly sometimes obnoxious. I will miss them in the morning. I think their decision was informed, whether I agree with it or not. I know that Terry is on AM860 now. Can't figure out where Nelson moved on to. Maybe he was lucky enough to be able to retire.

Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one

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