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May 20, 2011


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Well, it's about time. Let's hope this stupid idea has breathed it's last breath.

Here here!

Great news.....

I'll still vote against the current Mayor and a couple of City Council Members though...Thanks for the good news...LO resident.

Aw gee, too bad.....NOT! This was another of those "government money-wasters" that taxpayers are getting sick of.

I smell some "payola" to the L.O. City Council on this one...otherwise, why would they be all for this ill-conceived idea when everyone else has come out against it?

Perhaps this little project should be paraphrased as "The Streetcar To Nowhere."

Maybe they should get a TRAM instead????? ROFL!

Good, next target Milwaukie MAX

If even TriMess didn't want any part of it, you KNOW it was a bad idea. I agree, Mike H, sink that PMLR next!

Maybe no the money can go in to making more car lanes?? Oh, wait, Sam Adams is still mayor, so it will go into making less car lanes and more bike paths. I can see it now, all bike paths lead to city hall!!


No, all bike paths will lead FROM City Hall TO the local Middle School and High School boys locker rooms.

Such is the dewy dream of Mayor McCreepy.

Even as a gay man, I find that funny, yet very disturbing! Lol

The powers (for now) that be claim this will be reversed in quick order. And the way I see it, those Kleptocrats in LO are one step away from removal. Either by a vote or outright recall.

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