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May 31, 2011


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Go Eileen. What a company she built. I know many people who work for her and she is adored.

4.) Apparently, you also approve of her sexual preference.

Even if she is a lesbian dike, she would be better than Scammy Adams. I'm sure her life will be thoroughly perused. After Scammy and Goldshit, the media will be on the hunt for things like raping teenagers.

After mayors like Scammy and Goldshit, Terry Shrunk looks like a saint. The immediate legacy of Sam Adams and Neil Goldshit will be a full media vetting of all mayoral candidates

Joel. We finally agree.

Joel is over-optimistic about "a full media vetting" from the same propaganda tools that cover for these freaks in local government.

Instead of smirking tales of a mayor chasing after underaged boys and crashing his little truck while drunkenly ogling children, we'll either get tales of diesel dykes on bikes or brittle lipstick lesbians doing "first night" at the Schnitz.

Six of one.

@ Green Apple:
Got bigotry?

anyone but the sam and randy show.

@ Satan's:

No, I've got FACTS!

I know such things cause the microencephaletic heads of Liberals to explode, but Samovar Adamski DID crash his itty bitty pick-em-up truck while cruising by a local middle school. Hizzoner was found with his fly undone, his trousers at 3/4 staff, and a pint bottle of alcohol with the seal cracked resting in the passenger seat. He was, due to slurred speech and unsteady gait, thought to be inebriated, but the initial responding PPD officer showed political courtesy (Samovar Adamski acts-heh- as police commissioner) by waiting 20 minutes before administering a breathalyzer and field sobriety test.

That such facts were close-held or buried by later release by the local media establishes an enduring institutional bias not likely to be altered with the election of another lesbian to the office of mayor.

The media's tune will remain the same, just played in a different key.

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