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May 31, 2011


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The memory train comes rushing back. I was 15 years old when my sister was rabid to help with the largest ball of string on the Tom Murphy show. It was silly, innocent and fun. I can't remember how far we rolled the ball of string, but it was a big monster. The lighting of the Kisn Carol Tree and Patee who was the midnight Wolfman of Portland. I currently live in Tuscon and will be tuned in on day 1 and many days & nights after. The first concert I attended was Jan & Dean. I think it was more exciting watching the Disc Jockeys come on stage. Such wonderful memories of this special station and this is such fantastic news.

Great photo of the KISN Good Guys circa 1964...and thanks for blowing it up so we can read the caption!! Your crew at Goodguy Radio Online should pose for a similiar photo in your studio on Opening Day! let's prove to the multi-station owners what REAL Rock Radio's all about!
And let's not forget that "Good Guys" wasn't just a slogan, it was a commitment to the community. KISN, after all, co-founded the Portland Bridal Fair, an event which still endures today. And the concerts! KISN brought in the brightest stars, from The Beatles to 3 Dog Night...these are KISN traditions waiting to be reborn!! Best, M. ;->

I listen to different web stations during the day, this will be my #1 choice. Bookmarked!

Stumpman: You can't promote this enough. Every time you do a blast from the past photo pops up.

I tried bookmarking it but all that I get is a placeholder from the elephant killer.

I can't wait.

If you look at the surveys Dave puts up, there are many (majority) of songs on the list that you never hear on any of the oldies stations. Are we going to hear them and many of the others that are seldom played on the new KISN? Or is it going to be the same old tired repeats played elsewhere? Just asking.

Asking that question James...you must be newbie here.

James: Our argument with just about every oldies station in the country is they play the same 200 #1 hits to death. We will be broadcasting from a record library that houses over 90,000 records. You will hear the full spectrum of 50's and 60's oldies, many forgotten 45's that you will NEVER hear on a Clear Channel oldies station! That is our edge with KISN. It will break all the rules and its going to be great with the original jocks, jingles, imaging and more. Sept 1 is our day for REAL oldies fans to celebrate.

This will be the best. Sept 1 can't arrive fast enough for us die hards.

Thanks James for asking the question!....just gives another chance to read the GREAT news!!!

So, how many preachers can we get in one room at the same time? Would the door be open for Preacher Paul Anthony to slide on in there, or what? But he wouldn't be alone, he would be accompanied by The Nazz, Les Moore, Ivan Goetz, Ref Snaborgadavitch, Captain Cash, Paul Anthony, and Ralph Hull, the PJDJ, and not to forget Captain Rosta (radio towers on navigation charts).
I'm in Sooke, BC, near Victoria on Vancouver Island but make it down that way once in awhile. Would be a hoot to embrace Roger Ferrier Hart once again. And Pattee I could find some limberger cheese for your amplifier. Do you realize all that happened over 50 years ago? Amazing!!

Posted by: Ralph Hull | May 30, 2011 at 10:18 PM

I miss KISN there studio downtown broadway and cruzin between box and Yaws all weekend long

We're all rooting for the 'RETURN TEAM' of the Mighty 91!! May you ALL have grand success at bringing KISN back as soon as possible!! Many Blessings go out to ALL of you GOODGUYS!!

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