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June 29, 2011


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I wouldn’t be that surprised, but let's be honest here... The National Enquirer is not the most credible source for news. Was he caught on tape... by aliens?

Actually the N. Enquirer have broke more major stories than all the major papers. For example:
After a year of saying it was bogus, the story was TRUE 100% on John Edwards and his girl friend and the baby

After saying no no no...and I never had sexual relations with that woman....National Enquirer had the Monica story.

Also...The Gary Hart "Monkey Business Story" and a thousand others. They are more accurate than you think.

Actually, the Enquirer has been uncannily accurate on a number of stories over the past few years. There's the reporting on Arnold's mistress and the stories about the stable of mistresses kept by Tiger. And for accuracy, how about Jayson Blair and that little imbroglio at the NY Times. I wouldn't want a reporter waiting in my office from the National Enquirer...and I'm not married.

The Enquirer, btw, doesn't do alien stories. I think you've been reading the Weekly World News.

she doesn't look worth it...but they rarely do.

She looks like she started life as a male.

What a bust and the Enquirer had it first!

She isn't an anchor, she is a reporter. From her bio, a very good and capable one. Actually better than many we apparently have in this town.

Reality check folks: 1)The Enquirer is playing off of the predictable knee-jerk reaction by TRYING to equate Hansen's busting of the pedophillic and pederastic "short eyes" types with his own stepping out with a legal-aged bit of strange.

Hansen was NOT busted with a van filled with kidnapped junior-high school cheerleaders or members of a middle -school boys gymnastics team and caught "in flagrante".

So the whole "Catch A Predator" guy getting "caught" is a large typeface non-starter.

YES, the schmuck is caught out as a CHEAT. Thoroughly reprehensible. Let's hope the offended Mrs. Hansen resides in a community property state.

yeah right.

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