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June 27, 2011


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Ross Perot single handedly elected Bill Clinton president. Without Perot there would have been no Hillarycare, no Monica and no impeachment. GHW Bush would have been re-elected and the course of history would have changed...GW Bush would probably have not been elected.

As I recall -- 42% Clinton / 38% Bush and 20% Perot..--Everything the guy said could be applied today (Except instead of $4 trillion we now have $14 trillion debt)..

Unbelievable how correct the guy was!! If we could only turn back the hands of time......well you know..

I voted for him twice!

Actually, Clinton got 43 percent, GHW Bush 38 1/2 percent, Perot 19 percent and the other 1/2 percent went to the Libertarian and other candidates. But even though he only collected 43 percent of the popular votes, Clinton got 69 percent of the electoral vote. Bush got just 31 percent of the electoral vote and Perot got none of the electoral vote. Don't you just love the electoral college?

Joel -- Get rid of electoral..I'll 2nd that...

One of my favorite Clinton-Bush-Perot debate lines was from Perot..He was talking about Clinton and how he had NO business experience and how important the high tech world is and will be..

At one point he turned to Clinton and said, "The State of Arkansas they have no high tech jobs.. in fact "One in every 3 jobs is "Chicken related"... You had to hear it with Perot and his southern style "Chicken" just rolled off his tongue...hilarious..

Perot is still ALIVE!!??!?

Perot nailed it, free trade has ruined us all!

Da! Komrade Gregory is korrekt! Ferr tradinks iss fer fershtunski, oppressiv kapitalistik pigs!

The State is Source of all moneys and freedoms!

The State iss to be determinink all ekonomik progresses! Pleez to be by the not forgettink uff this fakt!

Back in 1992 I thought Ross was a loon. Looking back now he knew exactly what he was talking about. Wish he was running today for president. Boy did I misjudge him.

Remember him saying "In a few years jobs will be so scarce, Americans will be sneaking under the fence to work for USA companies operating out of Mexico"

you didn't misjudge his stupid fuck, you had no mind of your own and got on the media band wagon and called a man that at the time had amassed 4 billion dollars and single handedly bankrupt GM, and you douche bags called him stupid. now you look back you stupid fuck!!!

Ross please run again.

He was wrong about not being able to make sausages with Broccoli though ...

I campaigned for Perot on Cape Cod, went to hear him speak in NH. Actually met him after one of his speeches with a group of others and am proud to have shaken his hand and had a few words with him. He had clear eyes and the most intense and concerned expression on his face. He was right, and continues to be. If I blame anyone it was the media and Hollywood, . Since the 70's they've elected our president by the virtue of their own interest which happen to be the same interest as the companies who own them, power, control and greed.

Rise Americans and revolt to the New World Order of the 1%.

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